Each time I’ve taken a hiatus from blog sharing, I feel a little overwhelmed about how to start again and I feel the waterfall of a zillion topics I want to share about. The result of this most recent time of pause feels no different. I know the best thing to do is to just do something! Friendly reminder from the sign that hung on my wall for two years, which said, “I can’t think my way into right action, I must act my way into right thinking.” To open the door to sharing again, that’s what’s going to feel best, even if I also feel self-conscious or self-punishing . . . just sputter something out, hit publish, hit send, and then allow the flow to keep flowing, as it wants to, as is natural.

Basically my life has been feeling good and YES and wonderful recently. Stretching into this new, satisfying chapter of romance, finance, spirituality, wellness, and creative growth has kind of done a number on my ability to share consistently on my website or on Instagram. I’ve felt protective of my transformation and abundance, and then I felt the goofiness of not sharing for a while, and now we’re just going to rip off the band-aide of not sharing / sharing with the following list.

Here are the current topics that are tap tap taping at my door to be written about (or vlogged about? shall we make some videos now?) in this newest renaissance chapter of time:

Transformation – Contractions naturally follow expansions so we don’t rip in transformation (just like in childbirth).

Trimesters – Also (like child birth) transformation follows the trimester cycle (the accuracy of this has been blowing my mind, so excited to share more on this soon).

Brine – Homemade electrolyte water is the bomb dot com (god, I love me some brine, speaking as a former VERY dirty martinis drinker) and I will share my super simple recipe and the health benefits of this magical elixir with ya soon. (Hint: it’s just filtered water, lemon juice, and pink salt. Mmmmm, yummmm.)

Green (and all colors) Juicing – I got the fanciest, most efficient, beyond my wildest dreams juicer, that I’m recommending VERY highly right now for anyone who wants to make an investment in their wellness. Killer on root veggies, leafy greens, and everything delicious (all the fruits) in between.

Miracles – Started reading A Course In Miracles again from the very beginning with a new group and started the daily workbook again on my own, and my oh my, yes yes yes.

Money – After a year hiatus, my crew is continuing on with group sharing chapter by chapter from Money: A Love Story, and I want you to try this out too!

More Money School – Oh! Speaking of money. I finally got to play Richard Kiyosaki’s board game CashFlow and it has changed my life and I want to play it with everyone I know, so please someone mail me the board game and then we can play a round of this life changer together.

Seasons! – When writing this post, we are a few weeks out from winter solstice (December 21), so let’s talk more about what that means soon, especially bc I’ve already got summer solstice pretty covered at this link.

Full Moon + Moon Rituals – Furthermore, full moon is this Sunday and I think it’s high time I share some super basic new moon and full moon rituals you can do that run the gamut from v casual to extremely not casual af (our fav), which you will probably enjoy a great deal.

Planet Report – Also, also, fyi, Mercury goes retrograde again this Sunday 12/3 – 12/22/2017, which it does 3 or 4 times each calendar year. This is a good time to do all things “re” like review, reorganize, and revise.

Vibes – P.S also, even though autumn has maybe already passed us by, I can’t stop talking about how autumn is the season of gratitude and grief, and I want to share that medicine story with you because it’s felt so helpful to me.

Shamanic Pelvic Floor Intensive – OH YEAH, I know I’ve mentioned it here and there, but it needs a whole post (or a hundred). The internal pelvic floor intensive work I’ve done with Sophia over the last few years has absolutely shifted the course of my life. Some of the best money I’ve spent, ever. Gonna need to come into more acceptance and alignment to share on sex / shame / healing / values / money / rage / gratitude / all the big topics / etc . . . and when I do, get ready to hear all about the life changing magic of getting body work in the vagina. Hi! Yes, I said the vagina.

Homeownership + Investing + Vision Boards – Total segway, I’m planning to buy a home in the very near future that is income generating, probs a duplex, and I’m excited to share about this adventure pretty openly as it unfolds. In the meantime, here are my relevant vision boards for this process: I feel wealthy, home space, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, landing strips, doors, windows, magic outside space.

Pinterest, I Love You – Generally I want to share more about the absolutely practical tool of making vision boards on Pinterest, which is the gift that keeps on giving when I’m wanting to bolster up my clarity on core desired feelings, life opportunities, or I want extra support in my wellness, creativity, and relationship journeys.

Masculine + Feminine Energy – I NEED to write about divine masculine and feminine energy — ya’ll I am ENROLLED in life school about the contrasts and appreciations of these two life vibes these days. Synopsis: a jar of water without a lid falls over and the water goes everywhere (femme energy is the water and it spills). A jar of water with the lid on falls over and the water stays in the jar (masc energy can hold a container for the water femme vibes within). More! To! Share!

New Music – Hmmm, what else do I need to tell ya about? I mean, allllllll the new music. Here are some Spotify playlist links in advance of new blog posts: Traveling Love, Spin The Globe, Power, YES, Keep Going, Running etc.

Teaching Reiki – Oh yes, I’ve been TAing a Reiki 1 class this autumn, which has been charming, and next spring I will be teaching a class myself in Philadelphia, wow! If you’ve been dabbling with the idea of learning how to practice Reiki (to improve your entire life) well then this might be your time, so please start to plan accordingly.

Sobriety – Been thinking about sharing a little more about my lil sober journey over the last four years. People who are vocal about sobriety, like Gabby Bernstein and Jenny Sansouci, paved the way for me to put down drugs and alcohol at the end of 2013. I’ve been kinda quiet (and vaguely hinty) about this part of my life for the last few years, and that’s been right for me, and now it’s feeling right to start talking about this significant aspect of my life more. So we’ll see together, won’t we? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Exercise + Endorphins – Hmm, what else to put on this surprise (not surprising) long list of things that I want to share with you over the next few weeks and months? Oh yeah, becoming motivated to exercise through the winter is still feeling like A Thing to me, so here’s hoping I can get my butt in gear a little more soon.  How are you doing with getting those daily endorphins?

Creative Recovery – Maybe one day I will draw or paint again! And if / when I do, I’ll let you know about that after probably crying many tears of relief. I don’t know why my creative recovery cycles are like this with seasons of feast and famine, but for a while they have been, and I’m both willing to change and I’m willing to accept myself as I am.

Long Term Romance Advice From The People – As some of you know, one of my fav things to do over the last few years has been to interview people in long term romantic relationships about how they did that, so I’m looking forward to sharing some of those absolute GEMS on the blog soon.

Animal Medicine – I wanna write about: bear, lion, scorpion, butterfly. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Rose Tonic For You – OMG the rose tonic I made this summer is BEYOND, and soon I will make labels for the lil 2oz bottles I put this heavenly substance into and then I’ll put them in my (currently closed) online shop so you can have some too (super limited supply, let me know if you want one reserved for $18).

You Can Hire Me – UM, anything else, Leah Moon? Yes . . . I’ve been doing more freelance graphic design work. Hit me up if you need something excellent created for your business or brand.

So Many Feelings + Love Languages – Ok, really, anything else? Yes a million things! I can’t believe I didn’t write to you for so long. I’ll keep this list going on my own time and hope that life helps me to keep going forward with the creative vulnerability sharing flow. Recently heart-friends have been saying, “Leah Moon, I miss your newsletter!” So here I am writing. Feedback, questions, love, and support always helps me to keep sharing. Words of affirmation is one of my top love languages. Do you know your top love language?

As I write more on all of these topics I will circle back to this blog entry to link up the new posts.

Thank you for your reading, for your graciousness and patience with me as I learn how to keep sharing as my life gets more full, happy, and well. I appreciate you.


Love you,
Leah Moon




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