Here are 99 songs to listen to right now. This is excellent music for road trips, exercising, painting pictures of your dreams, making lunch for your crew, and dancing around the kitchen with your sweetheart.



Unrelated, but related, here are 99 things I felt grateful for the other day when I wrote this list. Maybe you want to write out your own gratitude list. Grateful, grateful, grateful. Only ever grateful.

1. Eclectic music

2. Ride or die multi-lifetime friendships

3. Practice

4. Knowing what YES feels like

5. Clean water to drink

6. Being touched by the sun

7. Knowing the sun is there, even when it’s hiding

8. How the moon changes and stays the same

9. Plants that grow and grow and grow

10. The books on my bookshelf

11. Public libraries, filled with a zillion free volumes to read and learn from

12. The internet, filled with brilliant teachers giving it away for free

13. Lighting candles and watching flames dance

14. Reiki

15. Blood family

16. Chosen family

17. A Course In Miracles

18. Sobriety

19. Our beating hearts

20. That our bodies know how to breathe without us needing to remember to do anything

21. Learning how to exercise

22. Endorphins

23. Recycling

24. Swimming in the ocean

25. Discovering that the stars in the sky are all vibrating, and if I look closely, I can see them moving

26. Discovering that I’m vibrating too, and if I pay attention, I can feel myself being moved

27. The discipline of meditation

28. A relationship with my understanding of God

29. Remembering how to play

30. Art in museums

31. Art on sidewalks, in alleyways, on train cars

32. Blowing bubbles

33. Super Soul Sunday

34. Marie TV

35. Gabby Bernstein

36. Michael Bernard Beckwith

37. Truthbombs

38. Getting to drink a beautiful cup of tea

39. Everyone I’ve known

40. Everyone I’ll meet

41. Dresses from Liza

42. Sessions with Sophia Wise One

43. When other people call at the perfect moment

44. When I need help and the person on the other end of the line picks up

45. Seeing repeating numbers out in the world

46. The perfect song coming on cosmic shuffle

47. Hand me downs

48. Sexy dreams

49. Second chances

50. Incense

51. Crystals

52. Miniatures, I love miniatures so much

53. When someone else cooks for me and they do it well

54. Joy rides

55. Scream singing in the car

56. Getting to weep

57. Getting to witness other people’s weeping

58. Yoga

59. Kaliana mitra, friends on the path

60. Learning how to be the grown up who takes care of my little self, and making strawberry pancakes for her with ice cream for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

61. Drinking good green juice

62. Flying for free

63. Leaning into freedom

64. Staying in the day

65. Abraham-Hicks

66. Notes from the Universe

67. The temporality of life

68. The magic wand of my iPhone

69. Making art

70. Miracles (shifts in perception)

71. Barbara Carrellas and Urban Tantra

72. Playing dress up

73. Playing make believe

74. Grey light on rainy days

75. Contrast

76. Changing seasons

77. Rising in love

78. Having a morning routine

79. Having a bedtime routine

80. NVC practice (non-violent communication)

81. Choosing a better feeling thought

82. Forgetting so I can remember

83. Hot showers

84. Hot springs

85. Hot baths

86. Matt Kahn

87. Affirmations and mirror work

88. Learning how to mind my own business

89. Being able to say “I am safe” and that being true in the present moment

90. Netflix

91. Real pasta covered in cheese

92. GF brown rice vermicelli with cashew cream tomato sauce

93. The alkalizing magic of lemon juice in water

94. Other people who show me how to live differently

95. Patience, which means, “Waiting calmly for your turn,” according to the cartoon character Peppa Pig

96. Writing gratitude lists

97. Drawing pictures of my beautiful fantasies

98. Knowing there’s a bigger, better plan for my life than the little ideas I have about how things should be

99. Collecting evidence that you’re lovable, and I’m lovable, and it’s okay to be here now

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Leah Moon

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