I’ve never had a traditional 9 – 5 job.

I grew up in an artist family. My dad is a professional tuba player and my mom is a writer, gardener, and vegetarian chef. I spent a year at RISD and finished my BA at Smith College with a double major in the Study of Women and Gender and Studio Art with a concentration in Electronic Media.

Professionally, I’m an artist and healer who creates and manages unique websites for exceptional people, places, and things.

I like to play a whole lot, go on spiritual field trips, and meet other travelers on the path.


In 2009 I connected with documentary filmmaker Glenn Holsten who mentored me as we collaborated on projects at the intersections of art, mental health, and marginalized communities.

Some of these films screened at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the cable station Ovation TV, and on Netflix.

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Over the years, since I love traveling, I wanted to create a business that was location-independent.

I taught myself how to write code in order to develop websites for exceptional people, places, and things.

Through that learning curve, I earned a thorough education on branding, online marketing, digital product development, and the richness of community building on the Internet. I occasionally take on consulting clients in these realms.

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When I was twenty years old I was diagnosed with cancer, which has since passed.

A year later I found my way to Reiki practice, which helped me through that wild time. Years later in 2013 I had a emotional, mental, and physical meltdown. From the depths of that shadowy time, I was led through a threshold to my own spiritual awakening.

I offer intuitive healing sessions in person in Philadelphia, around the world on my travels, and online over Skype.

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A couple of years ago I realized that my name, Leah, is an anagram for the word Heal. What!

As my spirituality has unfolded and my life continues to feel happier and more free, I’ve been called to share my healing journey through art, videos, and writing on this website.

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