It’s a loaded word, eh?

Since my spiritual awakening a handful of years ago, I’ve accepted a concept of God into my life.

Today I’m totally down with it, but at first I really hated the word God, which was shrouded in stories of hate, judgement, foolishness, and fear in my mind.

I really wanted a relationship with a higher power so I was willing to have some flexibility.

In order to opt-in to the wisdom shared in books, communities, and teachers who used the word God, I mentally substituted any mention of the word God with other choices.


Alternatives For The Word God





Higher Power




Inner Guidance System





The Force

Inner Voice

After a few months of full on substitution, I started getting comfortable with acronyms for the word G-O-D and that continues to really work for me.

I polled friends recently and got the following list of great options.


Acronyms For God

Great Out Doors

Gift Of Desperation

Good Orderly Direction

Giver Of Days

Glorious Omnipotent Divinity

Go Outside Dearest

Goddess Of Delight

Great Omnipotent Diva

Guaranteed Overnight Delivery

Gift Of Divine

Get Outta Dodge

And for an LOL from my atheist grandmother, we have the anagram “DOG, I am dyslexic.”


What The Concept Of God Means To Me

Right now, I accept that God is quantum physics and the billions upon billions of galaxies that exist. Today God is my heartbeat and your heartbeat and our tears. For me God is spirit and soul and humor.

God lives in my dreams, in my body, in my trash, in your colon, in the catapillars, in paint, on the moon, in the wind, in my blood, in this moment, in these words, in communion, in the waters and the waves and the tides and the rhythms of life on our planet.

In my world, God is He and She and They and You and Me. The earth and the heavens and the overlap. God is what you believe and what I believe, the absence of fear and the cry for love.

God is easy and loaded and delicious and bewildering, everychanging, and constant. My life gets bigger, richer, more satisfying, and safer whenever I let a concept of God, no matter what words I use to describe that concept, into the equation.


What The Word God Means To You

Let words work for you.

Everything is here to help us and what we focus on grows.

Let’s use words as tools to help us into the vortex of life instead of as weapons to keep us on the outside of concepts and communities that can change our lives for the better.

Use words that work for you.

Maybe that’s God. Maybe that’s Good Orderly Direction. Maybe that’s The Universe. Maybe that’s Cold Sweet Watermelon On A Hot Summer Day.

Opt-in. Use your tools. Say yes to your life.


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Leah Moon

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