My birthday celebration was a day of magic and miracles. I was showered with birthday wishes in person, online, and in spirit. I’m grateful to celebrate life everyday. As Janis Joplin said, “It’s all the same day, we just take naps.” Thanks for being incarnated on planet Earth right now too.

I see you. I appreciate you. I love you. Thank you. 

I spent the days around the anniversary of my belly button birthday in New York City, traveling through time and space with myself, tripping with soul friends, and receiving so much love from elsewhere too. I got life advice from a naked mom at a bath house. I meditated on a park bench. I attended to client work. I bought my new favorite socks at Muji. I ate beautiful meals with impeccable company. I held the hands of someone I love while he cried, and as you know, crying is one of my favorite releases to witness. I experienced Pipilotti Rist’s masterpiece Pixel Forest, a three-floor installation at the New Museum, which I want to visit at least 100 more times.

Pipilotti Rist | Pixel Forest

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During some of my solo afternoon journeying time, I found myself hugging two strangers whose eyes I recognized. One was a beautiful person who danced with me at Sephora while I was getting my free yearly birthday present. The other was a surprise heart friend artist working at ABC Carpet & Home, which is the most magical retail wonderland I’ve ever encountered.

I walked with ghosts from my past and loved them as big as I could. I listened to a recording of Deva Premal chanting Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha (Healing) as I walked back and forth on a subway platform waiting for the Q train, praying for some other people’s happiness.

One of the most magical components of the day was how I felt within myself. Wherever I go, there I am. There isn’t an outfit, trip, cake, lover, or encounter that can make me feel ok in a lasting way. The people, places, and things that arise in life are wonderful, and the ones that I’ve been privileged to know, past and present, are cherished with my whole and expanding heart. And yet, that’s all temporary. All of life is temporary. When I understand those truths and I stop chasing something to fix how I feel, I can ask, “Am I ok with me?”

On my birthday I felt really ok with me. More than ok. I felt great love for myself. Anytime I caught myself in a window or mirror, I spoke directly to my reflection, affirming my appreciation for life. I felt hope for the future that’s manifesting from this place of current wellbeing, gratitude, and enjoyment.

The self-acceptance and presence I felt on this birthday is the greatest gift I could imagine receiving in life, and I’m feeling it more everyday. As I set boundaries, learn how to take care of myself, and allow a concept of God / The Universe / The Power / The Force / The Big Whatever to be the cruise director in my life, I come into more communion with other people, the contrast of this 3D world, and alignment with peace of mind.

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