wtf is a Saturn Return ???

The often mentioned and rarely fully explained facts of life in regard to our Saturn Returns <-- I got some Saturn Return info in here for ya. It's good.

000 – What are medicine stories?

In this episode I talk about answers to the question, “What are medicine stories?” + the topic of shame really steps forward in this recording as well.

Coming Out As Spiritual

If you told fifteen-year-old me that I’d be coming out as spiritual today, I’d LOL in your face. But here I am: an out and proud spiritual, luminous, witchy, spirit junkie.

I’m BUZZZZING from doing this inventory

So many of the things I wrote down last autumn have occurred. Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) really seems to work for me in the realms of real life manifestation.

How To Meditate in 4 Easy Steps

You’re not “bad” at mediation. You just don’t know how to meditate yet. Cut yourself some slack and show up to learning how to do this thing that works.


Yes, it’s completely normal for this practice to feel funny at first. You might laugh. You might cry. You might hide. You might feel great. You might start to believe what you are saying.

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