Hardworking and responsible, of all the astrological signs, Capricorn is the father archetype. Capricorn explorations can be about your actual parent and relating to your actual kids or it can be about the daddy energy of father figures, mentors, friends, a partner, or a relationship with your higher power.

New moon time is all about manifesting — getting clear about what you want to draw into your life over the next cycle. Regardless of your gender identity or life stage cycle, with the new moon in the sign of Capricorn, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

How can I better parent myself?


How can I be the kind of dad I want to see in the world?


How can I work with daddy energy embodied by other people in my life?

During a super intense session with Sophia a few years ago, we were working with masculine father energy. In her red tent temple, laid out on her bodywork table I went on a journey while she talked about dads. She said something like this:

“If we’re lucky, we get to grow up with adults in our lives who protect, provide for, and cherish us. Whether that’s the case or not, we all have the opportunity to tap into the Big Dad energy of God. You know about some of your super powers but you’re only aware of a fraction of them right now. As you rely more on the Big Dad God energy of life, more will be revealed for you. As a partner in human form appears who walks through the world with that kind of presence, more will be revealed. You can have a partner who takes care of business, negotiates with the outside world, someone who wants to tend a temple with you where your divine feminine gifts can flourish.”

I burst into tears. Relieved tears. Hopeful tears. Wondering if she was telling the truth tears. Not sure if I was worthy of an agreement like that tears.

With this new moon in Capricorn, I’m willing to accept more support from dad energy into my life — from God, from community, from a partner.

What about you? How are you working with cosmic dad energy right now? Are you learning how to daddy yourself? Are you re-commiting to your own expression of masculine dad energy as service to your loved ones? Are you welcoming healthy and helpful dad energy from the universe into your life?


Capricorn New Moon Playlist

Whatever’s happening on your journey right now, here are some tunes for the astrological season of Capricorn. This playlist was made during Capricorn season leading up to the new solar year, so there’s definitely a finishing up / starting fresh vibe going on in this Capricorn new moon playlist. Enjoy!

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