I’ve heard the term “chakra” thrown around throughout my life in yoga class, in internet memes, and on podcasts as I started to get more into mystical topics.

A few years ago, after saying “I’m willing to change,” ad infinitum, one of the real deal, practical tools that showed up for me was learning about my own chakras and how having a healthy relaitonship with them can benefit my life.

Learning about the chakras has helped me to feel more grounded, embodied, confident, safe, trippy, and balanced in all realms of my life.

Before I dive into sharing all I’ve learned with you, I’d like to know what your top two questions are about the chakras.

Send an email to me at with your questions before Wednesday July 6.

No question is too basic or advanced or weird.

xoxo your way,

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Leah Moon

I am an artist and healer who creates and enjoys life. I'm willing to relax and have fun in order to share my art, happiness, and faith freely with the world. Join my mailing list to get a weekly email for spiritual seekers.