charmed life

Thank you for initiation and practice and teachers.

Thank you for the practice of watching someone else’s steps and doing what they do. Thank you for the hardwon and evolving conciousness about whose footsteps to follow in each realm of my life.

Money. Spiritual growth. Sexuality. Recovery. Soul retrival. Financial literacy. Time freedom. Space clearing. Business building. Artmaking. Teaching. Meditation. Gardening. Feeding myself. Building relationship. Dog psychology. Self care. Boundaries.

What a gift to not go to the hardware store for milk anymore. Thank goodness for the practice of discernment to go to the hardware store for hardware and the happy organic cow (or coconut) farm for milk.

Thank you Cosmic Central Casting for continuously sending ringers in to test my patterns: Am I willing to say no to the old stories? Am I willing to say yes when my inner guidence says YES?

Thank you for sending me all of the shit that smelled bad and made me sick and crazy and terrible to be around.

Thank you for the assignments that brought be to my knees.

Thank you for the terror of my own making that opened my heart to prayer.

Thank you for keeping me alive to learn all of these ways to pray: dance, sweating, crying, eye contact, breathing, mantra, chanting, yoga asanas, intimate friendship, drinking water, floating, swimming, laughing, holding crystals, listening, asking, following the moon’s cycles, following my blood cycles, accepting myself just as I am, mirror work, Reiki, ho’o’pono’pono, recovery community, de-cluttering, affirmations, essentialism, herbalism, drawing, painting, desire mapping, dream boarding, cleaning, cleansing, writing, sleeping, answering the phone.

Thank you for my teachers. The list is so long.

Thank you for the babies and elders and the cohort of my peers.

Thank you for soul family and tribe.

Thank you for recognition in strangers’ eyes, who I’ve known for lifetimes.

Thank you for new attraction and the possibility that I will love romantically again.

Thank you for the constant confirmation that my heart beats and my blood pumps and though I haven’t kissed anyone in what feels like a lifetime, my libido still exists and my guides have been keeping me away from my next lover, ording buses and trains so that we don’t meet until the time is right.

Thank you for the shift in language from falling in love to rising in love.

Thank you for chemistry.

Thank you for clarity.

Thank you to divine masculine and divine feminine. Thank you to every representation of Spirit in between those two containers.

Thank you for music.

Thank you for this good medicine.

Thank you for this medicine that heals me. Thank you for this medicine that leaves me rested and grounded and loved. Thank you for the contrast of the medicine that left me cold and sick and insane.

Thank you for this time space contiumum to practice love and forgiveness in a body.

Thank you for this body, which is beautiful and able and self-healing. Thank you for this body that communicates with me: truthburps and get-the-fuck-away-from-me stomach aches.

Thank you for sensation in my hands when I lay them in Reiki practice on another person’s body. Thank you for sensation in my body when I come to my Reiki self-practice upon waking each morning and falling asleep each night.

Thank you for holy waters in Philadelphia, Manhattan, Juno Beach, Jemez Springs, Ojo Caliente, Taos — Planet Earth. Thank you to the oceans and streams and ponds and lakes. Thank you to tears and sweat, snot and blood. Thank you for release and replenishment. Request and response.

Thank you to the big bang. Thank you to the teachings of Kabalah, A Course In Miracles, Recovery, Thicht Naht Hahn. Thank you to lineages of witches, bodisatavahs, queers, musicians, and artists.

Thank you for my life.

Thank you for this charmed life.



Fired up? Go forth and write out some of your own Thank Yous, cause it’s a pretty surefire, feel-good practice to get into. Thanks for reading mine.


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Leah Moon

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