Business Coaching with Leah Moon

I love working with entrepreneurs who are creative, ambitious, and passionate.

I’ve coached artists, musicians, healers, herbalists, filmmakers, astrologers, authors, and real estate developers. My clients are profitable, published, and committed to helping other people’s lives improve through their work.

Experience + Investment

On one hour phone calls, we’ll celebrate your wins, answer questions, get clear about next steps, and put accountability plans in place. I’m experienced in coaching around foundational business strategies including design, marketing, and offerings development. My approach is holistic, so in addition to fleshing out your work goals and walking towards achieving them, we’ll also talk about self-care, daily practices, and lifestyle design.

Each hour-long phone call is followed up with notes from our conversation including referrals, reference links, and clear action steps to move your business forward.

One call and followup notes = $95. If you book three calls at a time, there’s a 10% discount, making each call = $85.

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Leah has a magical ability to listen and ask the right questions.


— Elisabeth Elektra, Musician,

I would definitely recommend this experience for any entrepreneur. After speaking with Leah I am re-energized in what steps I must complete to move forward in my business.


— Abdi Farah, Artist, “Work of Art” Winner on Bravo TV

I really appreciate the completely integrated approach to include all aspects of mind, body, and spirit in the business model. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anybody ready to take the next steps in their process.


— Liza Buzytsky, Creative Director of Alla Studios,

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