I’ve been going 100% with my energy on spiritual field trips recently, which involves a lot of present meal time with people I love. When I come home to my solo person apartment in Philadelphia I lovvvvvve indulging in self care internet TV meal time.

Yesterday I tried to watch Michael Bernard Beckwith on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah during breakfast but the universe / internet connection in my bedroom said, “No,” which ended up being great because I got to watch MBB at a much more needed time during late night dinner (where I just kept saying, “Dannnng,” to the screen after each truthbomb).

During breakfast of leftover cold Whole Foods hot bar mac and cheese plus a million condiments from the North Carolina South East Wise Women Herbal Conference (above photo) road trip travels home the day before, I ended up watching Marie Forleo’s interview with Seth Godin. Wowww.

In addition to being one of the first humans on the web before the web really existed, having what sounds like a great family life, and being a thought leader in personal development land, Seth also has been writing daily on his website for the last ten years.

At some point in the interview Seth suggests that everyone publish everyday as trust-building exercise in both practical business and individual life learning lands. I’ve been posting near daily on Instagram since January 2014, way back in high school I was all about that consistent LiveJournal lifestyle, and I’ve had long bouts of daily, gorgeous, creative love letter writing to people I’ve dated. Why not channel some of that energy to this space here?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There’s a lot of life, love, healing, and practice going on in my world right now and I’m feeling so grateful for creative recovery, all of the technology tools at my fingertips, and the web of connection we can share with each other anywhere in time space as we lean into this kind of communion.

Let’s see if daily posting is a thing I like to do!

Sending love and yes and xo presence your way,
Leah Moon


These are the quotes I’m flipping over today:

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith on Super Soul Sunday

“Help is a prayer: Hello Eternal Loving Presence.”  – Michael Bernard Beckwith on Super Soul Sunday

“If not this moment, when? If we’re not going to speak up now, are things going to be better a year from now? We wait for things to calm down, we wait for the right moment, this is the right moment.” – Seth Godin on MarieTV


Listening to these songs on repeat, omg:

The Healer (feat. Naomi the Goddess) by Londrelle
Spotify // YouTube

Rain Dance – Marian Hill Remix by Whilk & Misky
Spotify // YouTube // Amazon // iTunes


Here are some snaps from this most magical day:


New (to me but v v v old) lemurian crystal filled with rainbows and yet to be discovered information.



Baby Deer show w Neffie Star at lunch today. We really went wild in a public place with my new Quan Yin blanket as a table cloth + rose glycerin + balsam fir aromatherapy spray + and all the crystals.



Yo. The newly opened Whole Foods mid-atlantic flagship store a few blocks from my house is BANANAS. I was happily overwhelmed by the abundance when I visited for the first time today.



I love traveling and I love coming home. This city is pretty great.


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