Yo. This book.

Dan Millman’s, The Life You Were Born To Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, came into my life as a student at The Reiki School + Clinic a few years ago. Based on Pythagorean’s formulas, the book explains basic numerology, life path numbers, and specific patterns that emerge for people based on the math in their lives. Dan Millman explains the heritage of this practice beautifully through the introduction of the book.

All you need to come up with someone’s life path number is their full birthdate, so I’ve taken it upon myself to look up many of my family members, close friends, and people I’ve dated in the past. Holy moly, the numbers are accurate.

Sometimes I feel a dash of cynicism about things like numerology, astrology, Myers-Briggs, and other suggestive life path tools. What I read about myself always feels spot on and I wonder if I’d feel that way about any number / sign / result I was reading. However, when I read other people’s life path numbers (or astrological signs, etc.) and see how aligned that information is for those individuals and not to me, I ease out of the cynicism and accept the tools for what they are: tools. I take what works for me (which is usually most of it) and leave the rest.

I’ve always been drawn to the number three so when I found out my life path number is 30/3 I was completely unsurprised and 100% delighted. The life purpose, challenges, and strengths that Dan Millman explains for my life path number feel super true to me. The 3 life path is all about emotional expression. 3s are teachers. If people working the 3 life path don’t have a clear channel for sharing, existence begins to feel excruciating. The suggestions that come for the 30/3 life path include working The Laws of Action, Choices, Honesty, Expectation, and Faith. #relevant.

If you’re attracted to this process, get the book, look up your number, and see if the attributes resonate with you. There are specific laws that are useful for each life path number to work with and I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial following these suggestions have been in my journey through conscious living.

Read Dan Millman’s book for free on Google Books.

Get your 3D copy of The Life You Were Born To Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose.

Use the Life Purpose Calculator to get your numbers now. 

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