This has been a wild week, eh? Hard days for many people. When life feels weird, it’s good to already have some practices in place that support your mind, body, and spirit.

I recently mentioned that I wanted to bring more exercise and endorphins into my life. Not 24 hours after posting about being willing to exercise, my magical competitive marathon running friend Mimi stepped in with a concrete plan, a Saturday date to start exercising together, and a commitment from me that I will race in a 5k this coming spring.

This is a great reminder that what we put out there with our affirmations / prayers / worries / wants are real vibrations that take real form in 3D.

Yesterday Mimi and I met to exercise for the second time. As soon as we started running, I began to cry. I felt relieved to be with a friend, relieved to be outside, relieved to be embodied, and relieved to be releasing some more grief.

After two miles of running and walking (mostly running she reminded me!) we returned to my back patio for calisthenics. Mimi introduced me to a fitness game that I now love, which uses a deck of cards to guide you through any four exercise you choose. We went with the following choices but you could substitute ones than what’s listed in our workout here:

♥️ heart = mountain climbers
♠️ spade = wall sits
♦️ diamond = crunches
♣️ club = squats

Here’s how the exercise card game works. Using a 52 card deck, flip over the first card. Seven of diamonds? Do seven crunches. Queen of spades? Do a wall sit for ten seconds. Keep flipping cards and referring to your key.

The exercise card game is kind of like asking a kid if she wants to take a bath before or after dinner. Either way, she’s going to get wet. With this workout game, you’re going to do all of the movements, it’s just a little bit of surprising fun to not know the order of how you’re going to sweat your butt off.

Half way through the deck my friend asked if I wanted to stop or keep going. Already high on endorphins (and also succumbing to my desire to get an A+ in whatever I’m doing in life even when there aren’t grades), I said, “Let’s keep going.”

Wowwwwwww! I felt so proud, confident, strong, happy, present, and centered when we finished this exercise game. I feel so grateful to be working with someone who has more experience and discipline in this realm of life who can set a good example for me, help keep this new practice safe as I learn about my edges in physical fitness, and motivate me to keep going forward.

The best thing we can do for anyone else is to take care of ourselves. When my well is full, I can share water with you. So if you’re wondering what you can do to both feel better and help other people during challenging times, check in on your self care, meditation, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and emotional hygiene.

When you are healthy, grounded, and nourished, you can show up in your communities with clear ears to listen, an open heart to receive, and a sane mind to contribute.


(I think “Men’s” styles are usually better looking i.e. all black . . . just get the correct size)





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Leah Moon

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