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Over ten years, I’ve been given the gift to collaborate with truly amazing individuals.

Whether I’m doing graphic design, website development, coaching, or reiki, sharing the tools you need to in order to succeed on your own life path is my passion. I create custom solutions for entrepreneurs and people on healing journeys. I meet you where you’re at, discover where you want to go, and walk with you through the unfolding. 

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On Working With Leah Moon

In the virtual world, your website is your storefront. You would want a physical, brick-and-mortar shop to be well-constructed, expertly maintained, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, cohesive, and irresistible to foot-traffic. Leah’s artistic mind, back-end skill, and creative energy ensure that all the boxes, and then some, are ticked when it comes to site construction, maintenance, and creative output/deliverables. She knows a lot and what she doesn’t know, she figures out quickly.

She is responsible, responsive, attentive, deliberate, and detail-oriented. Leah is mindful of diverse personalities in the work environment and which she skillfully navigates to be a proactive problem-solver and team-player. She is exactly who you want in your corner.

Gabriel Nathan

Editor In Chief, OC87 Recovery Diaries | oc87recoverydiaries.org

Leah was able to assimilate elements of new and old branding into a cohesive, creative and complimentary design that the entire team loved. Leah is as efficient as she is creative. No fuss — just beautiful design work. I hope to work with her again.

Lauren Wallett


Leah is creative, kind and most of all determined. There isn’t a task or a project that she finds too small or big, too simple or too complicated. Working with Leah over the past 5 years has been a pleasure. Her wisdom, attention to detail, problem-solving skills and the ability to view projects from all angles has helped us create a beautiful space online for people to be inspired. It is her “how can I help you do that” attitude and energy which makes her an important member of our team.

Thank you, Leah, for all you do!

Anna Hewstan


I was so happy with the professionalism and design of the website, I immediately felt an unleveling in how my business was presented to the world and how my professional needs were met by Leah at every step of the way. 

I would 100% recommend this experience for somebody who is serious about the aesthetic of their website and the direction of their business. 

Liza Buzytsky

Co-Founder, The Holy Wow | theholywow.com

I would definitely recommend working with Leah Moon because she is the consummate professional — flexibility, professionalism, and willingness to do more than was asked.

Not only is Leah Moon the consummate professional, but in the entertainment business where people can be cold and aloof, Leah is the total opposite. She is accessible, kind, and an all-around nice person!



Many of the healing modalities you use are new to me, so I didn’t understand what a session would actually entail. I was able to find my center and approach challenges in my work from a much more grounded place. I appreciated that you both gave direct feedback and encouraged me to seek other perspectives.

You introduced a practice outside of my comfort zone and invited me to participate in a very gentle and approachable way. I tried something new that I would have never done on my own, and it was super productive.

Asher Freeman

Nonnormative Body Club | nonnormativebodyclub.com

We had a great turn out – almost 80! Those who attended were extremely grateful to have a forum to observe other’s stories and share their own.

The positive turnout was in large part to your design and the messaging circulated through the posters and postcards. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work on this project. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

Lauren Stevenson Yacina


I have to be honest that I felt zero hesitation at all. I felt a deep resonance when I first saw your post 🙂

I feel more connected to myself, and more deeply connected to my purpose. What is magical is that after we speak I feel reminded of what my gifts are, I feel able to be kinder toward myself, and more able to have fun and give myself a break.

I guess what I get from working with you in presence. You are so deeply present during our sessions. You listen so fully, and you are present to spirit and grace in a way that’s so inspiring and reminds me that everything I do in life, however mundane, can be done from that place of trust and flow. 

You! I think you have a magical ability to listen and ask the right questions. 

Yes absolutely, you are an amazing guide and you create and hold a really nurturing and open space for your clients. 

Elisabeth Elektra


It is always daunting to take business/life advice from someone your age, if not younger than you. But Leah’s advice and guidance carries the gravitas and confidence of someone well beyond her years and as one who has dedicated herself to learning and honing her talents and expertise.

After speaking with Leah I am re-energized in having a clearer picture of what steps I must complete to move forward in my business, and encouraged to know that I was not too far off with my vision for my company and only in need of some expert guidance and to surround myself with other talented individuals.

Leah was able to concisely and accurately sift through my ramblings and incoherent ideas to show me what my real interests and goals are.

I would definitely recommend this experience for any entrepreneur. The privilege to have someone who is able to instantly enter into the mind of your business and provide candid diagnosis as well and immediate steps for how to improve and move ahead is truly invaluable.

Abdi Farah

Artist | abdifarah.com

Leah is so compassionate, and takes an individualized approach to help! She is so loving and accepting and in for the ride of your journey!

Emily Goodman

I was skeptical about Reiki but open to trying it. After working together, I felt more open, at ease and got it touch/healed some really old traumas. I appreciated your allowing me to be skeptical, supporting me, still doing your healing work, and letting me see and experience the benefits that came.

Leah was comforting, gentle yet firm, and helped explain and guide me through everything. I had a great experience.

Diane Williams

The collaboration came up so organically from knowing Leah personally, I was confident this would be a good fit based on our shared values. 

The first thing I notice was my ability to notice things. My mood, my body, my needs and wants, and therefor the mood, bodies, needs and wants of others I am working with, inclusive of clients or potential clients. The ability to notice gives me agency to act accordingly. In addition to specific steps and suggestions, this is my biggest takeaway from these sessions over the last several months. I also really appreciate the specific bullet points of suggestions that remain suggestions rather than orders and the ability to revisit these ideas through each session, gauging how appropriate they are to the present moment. 

I really appreciate the complete integrated approach to include all aspects of mind, body and spirit in the business model. There’s a softness and fluidity, sensitivity and awareness that really resonates with me as a woman and sensitive human. I’ve never come across this in any other teacher I’ve worked with. I appreciate everything being included into the practices, as a way of looking at the entire picture rather than individual fragments. In addition to this, I notice Leah’s extremely professional approach in her attentiveness to timing, punctuality, organization and holding the space. There’s a wonderful balance between a container with parameters and a free flowing, safe space for ideas, thoughts and feelings to gestate and develop. This subtle balance feels unique and productive. 

I would absolutely recommend this experience to anybody ready to take the next steps in their process. I found it to be especially useful in the very beginning stages of my brainchild, in Leah’s absolute joy and support for the early phases of development. This is an immeasurably valuable confidence booster so necessary in the infant stages of any project. 

I although I defer to Leah’s professional knowledge and experience on many things, working with Leah feels like a truly collaborative effort, where we both show up to share, grow, learn from each session. It feels fair, communal and mutually beneficial. This is a paradigm I’m really interested in pursuing further and am happy to report it is possible!

Liza Buzytsky

Creative Director of Alla Studios | buzytsky.com, Co-Founder of The Holy Wow | theholywow.com

I didn’t have any hesitations. I have worked with you in the passed. You have a great, calming, and genuine spirit

I notice that if I don’t keep up on my personal practice I tend to get sick or feel more overwhelmed. If I continue doing the work that you have done, I feel great!!

I love being able to kind of have a stream of consciousness with you. That the reiki is just moving through me and allowing me to learn about my voice and that I have one in a safe environment. 

I would definitely recommend this experience!!  You create a safe and peaceful environment to allow things to be. 

Every experience is different, but every experience is wonderful and always exactly what I needed. I hope to expand my experiences with you in to other aspects of my life, not just individuals healing.


Your sharing. The language you used to convey how and what you were experiencing. It almost always came across as a story and I found it honest and engaging.

Danica Arizola

Reiki Master Teacher & Licensed Massage Therapist, A LoveThing Healing Arts | alovethinghealingarts.com

Fulfillment in my daily purpose, ability to pause and notice my surroundings, awareness of my emotions as they arise without judgment. 

Gentleness, your calm tone of voice, and your ability to create a safe space to feel emotions and be honest.

Yes, this experience was powerful and enlightening. It allowed me to connect with other women in an organic and spiritual way that felt essential aside from the conventional group settings. 

I’m filled with gratitude for this experience! 

Samantha Giangrande

I felt a sense of calm as soon as the reiki session began, which continued afterward. I noticed that I felt more “connected”.

Your peaceful energy made the experience welcoming, which is helpful for a reiki newcomer like myself.

In a very short period of time I felt more peaceful and connected – two ways I did not feel upon entering the room. 

Jillian Eckert

I felt more calm and noticed areas that I was holding tension. I appreciated the nurturing space and your deep listening.

Laurie Elder

Graphic & Website Designer + Reiki Master | laurieelder.com