Full moon in Gemini playlist!

I’ve been taught that we can feel new moons and full moons three days before and three days after their peak moments. Let me tell you, I’ve been FEELING this full moon coming.

All full moons are about letting go, shedding what’s no longer working, and making space for your future to show up. What are you willing to give up? The momentum in life is quick right now so this adage has never been more relevant:

Let go or be dragged.

Gemini is a multifaceted sign in the zodiac. One one side, Gemini times can be social, communicative, and playful. On the other side, the vibe might get serious, contemplative, or even unsettled. Know that whatever comes up during this full moon in Gemini, you deserve more love, not less.

I’m involved in a dedicated discernment practice and full moon day is my once monthly practice time. I’m excited to listen to this full moon in Gemini playlist through the day and especially when I go for a 90-minute full moon float session. I hope you’ll enjoy these tunes too, wherever this snapshot in time space days take you.


Songs on the Full Moon in Gemini Playlist:

You’re The One That I Want, Lo Fang

Kerala, Bonobo

Harder, Ames

Make It Through, Diamond Saints

Intuition, Aela Kae

The Truth, Sweet Tempest

Turn It Out, Kinds

Gold, SQRD

I’ll Be Waiting, SQRD

What’s on Your Mind, SQRD

Money Can’t Buy, Ivy Mode

Never Complaining by Tom Aspaul

Wings of Love, liv

Glimpse of Hope, Nils Bech

ROW, Smith & Thell

Under the Sun – Radio Edit, Hymns from Nineveh

Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A

Back To Me, Marian Hill, Lauren Jaurengui

I Bring Me, Star Cast

Moving Mountains, ANIMA!

Oblivion (feat. Rya Park), FØRD

Rocketship, Jenny Mayhem, Tikanter


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