People talk about getting grounded all the time. I for one mention the importance of feeling grounded all throughout my root chakra post. But what the heck does being grounded actually mean?

Recently I was listening to Matt Kahn who blew the lid off my understanding about how to get grounded, why we practice getting grounded, and what the overall concept means in a practical sense.

Here’s the definition of being grounded. When you’re grounded, you’re able to be still and present, right here, right now.

This is what it means to be un-grounded. When you’re not grounded, you think things are supposed to be different then how they are. Being ungrounded means being stuck in the mire of wanting to be somewhere else on your journey of life than where you are now in this very moment. This is different then sending out rockets of desire for your future. Being ungrounded is about dissociating from the present and living under the false pretense that wherever you currently are is a mistake that needs to be corrected.

These are ways to practice getting grounded. Sit still. Meditate. Breathe. Write a gratitude list. Set a timer and observe your surroundings for five minutes. Eye gaze with a friend to practice presence. Affirm that, “I want to be here now,” or “I am on time.” Make these practices part of your daily routine. When you notice thoughts about being behind, late, or out of sync with the unfolding of life, pause, show yourself more love, not less, and then come into a moment of stillness right now.

In conclusion, who knew I could say the words “grounded” and “grounding” so many times in the span of 300 words? It’s starting to sound funny to me now, which is great, because I’m always pleased to have a good laugh.

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