Hi Friends,

When there’s a cry for help, an answer of a proportionate size usually follows.

Three and half years ago my life felt like it was completely burning down around me. A tough breakup. So much soul sickness. Panic attacks. It was a wild time!

What came next in my life has been a chapter of deep healing. This overhaul has included learning about Reiki self practice, cleaning up what I put in my body nutrition, huge shifts in my relationships, and an influx of attention to my spiritual life.

At the end of that dark period, I remember sitting with a friend on the floor of my room in my emergency month long sublet near where I would get mugged at gunpoint later that week — it was such a messy time!

My friend led me through an inventory process, category by category, of where my life was and where I’d like my life to go.

These were the categories:

Health + Wellness
Friends + Family
Community + Social Life
Romance + Sex
Home Space

A handful of years later, many of the intentions I set on that dark day have materialized.

Some of those intentions include:

  • Honoring the new moon and full moon each month
  • Learning about herbalism
  • Getting right with my finances
  • Generally, so many basics around learning how to take care of myself as a grown up

Last autumn, I sat with another dear friend and we did an intention setting inventory using those same categories that were offered to me a few years before.

My friend and I just reviewed the learning we experienced over the last six months and the intentions we have for the coming six months. So many of the things I wrote down last autumn have occurred. Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) really seems to work for me in the realms of real life manifestation.

Some of those reflections from the last six months include:

  • Having health insurance! And going to the doctor! And doing what the doctor suggests!
  • Paying my taxes on time
  • Feeling strong and sexy in my body in a healthy, fit way (see: exercise card game)
  • Accelerated learning in the classrooms of my relationships (there were some real surprises here over the last half year, for sure!)

When should you do a Reflections + Intentions inventory?

In terms of the calendar, spiring and autumn are great times to do this kind of inventory since they are seasons of change. In summer there’s traditionally lots of unbounded growth and in winter there tends to be period of hibernation and settling down.

Another clear time to do this work is when Mercury or other planets are retrograde, since that’s a time that’s ripe for reflection. Of course, you can do this kind of inventory anytime you’d like including birthdays, anniversaries, and at new years celebrations.

You can do this review by yourself or with a friend.

This exercise can be great solo retreat work. Also, I love the witnessing, accountability, and indescribable alchemy that happens when I do this kind of work with a trusted friend.

Download this Reflections + Intentions Guidebook to kickstart your practice.

If you’re living in a dark time right now, let this pracitce be a light on your path. I had no idea that my life would feel this beautiful four years ago, or one year ago, or six months ago, and I’m excited to see what unfolds in this next chapter of life for all of us.

A prayer for this exercise: I welcome life to up-level our ideas, bring us into alignment with more joy and wellness, and shower us with sweetness, surprises, and synchronicities.

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Leah Moon

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