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I work with entrepreneurs on branding, custom websites, and business coaching. I also do healing work as a Reiki teacher, practitioner, and free content creator.  

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I want your work to have a big impact — to serve your people, to experience your own prosperity, and to shift the vibration of the planet by learning how to live differently yourself. All change happens one person at a time. What you do matters. I believe in your work.

My job is to offer the tools you need to bring your gifts into their next manifestation.

Business Development

– Branding & Graphic Design
– Website Development
– Holistic Business Support

Healing Work

– Receive Healing Sessions
– Discover Your Own Spirituality
– Learn Reiki for Self Care

Both / And

Business development can be sacred, surprisingly emotional, a lot of fun, and will also change your life. I love supporting entrepreneurs by making sure a solid self care foundation is in place to anchor success. 

In the virtual world, your website is your storefront. You would want a physical, brick-and-mortar shop to be well-constructed, expertly maintained, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, cohesive, and irresistible to foot-traffic. Leah’s artistic mind, back-end skill, and creative energy ensure that all the boxes, and then some, are ticked when it comes to site construction, maintenance, and creative output/deliverables. She knows a lot and what she doesn’t know, she figures out quickly.

She is responsible, responsive, attentive, deliberate, and detail-oriented. Leah is mindful of diverse personalities in the work environment and which she skillfully navigates to be a proactive problem-solver and team-player. She is exactly who you want in your corner. 

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Gabriel Nathan

Editor In Chief, OC87 Recovery Diaries | oc87recoverydiaries.org

Free Resources for Healing + Online Business Development

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Classic Legend of the Euphonium-Player-Drop-Out Comeback Kid

Classic Legend of the Euphonium-Player-Drop-Out Comeback Kid

Did you know that my dad’s a professional tuba player, like that’s his real job? He literally co-authored The Tuba Source Book, which is enormous.  Standing on a pile of pillows (me not him), he taught me how to play the tuba when I was 3 years old. In elementary...

Breathwork with Samantha Story

Breathwork with Samantha Story

Breathwork with Samantha Story: “The most emotionally transformative modality I’ve ever experienced… healed trauma and allowed me to love more deeply.”

I feel more connected to myself, and more deeply connected to my purpose. What is magical is that after we speak I feel reminded of what my gifts are, I feel able to be kinder toward myself, and more able to have fun and give myself a break.

I guess what I get from working with you in presence. You are so deeply present during our sessions. You listen so fully, and you are present to spirit and grace in a way that’s so inspiring and reminds me that everything I do in life, however mundane, can be done from that place of trust and flow. 

I think you have a magical ability to listen and ask the right questions. You are an amazing guide and you create and hold a really nurturing and open space for your clients. 

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Elisabeth Elektra