Are your dreams wild every night? Learn how to dream journal.

The dreams we have during sleep time can be filled with insight, entertainment, and healing. Dreamland is a place to explore, process, and release our subconscious desires, fears, and intuitions. Don’t miss out on this free info download for your personalized life curriculum.

Dream journaling can give you some relief from the burden of self. If you can put pen to paper first thing in the morning when your dreams are fresh, a feeling of being witnessed will prevail without having to take out a press release about your nightly processing to inappropriate people. And, if your dreams feel disturbing or stimulating, it’s important for you to have a practice in place to deposit these sleep visions in a way that will allow you to be a regular functioning person for the rest of the day.

If you’re trying to flirt with a crush, tell them that they’ve made appearances in your dreams. Anytime someone who I think is cute mentions something like this to me I’m like ooookayyyyyyyyy, I see you, friend. I try to be real careful about disclosing my own dreamland sightings to people that there are possible romance vibes with, because it’s such a transparent crush-town invitation.

If you have platonic spiritual friends who enjoy hearing about your dreamland adventures, that’s cool too. Go forth and share. I like hearing about other people’s dreams. I especially enjoy interviewing little kids and intimate life classmates about sleep time dreams that they remember.

Are you someone who doesn’t dream? Start a dream journal anyhow, cause not dreaming is not a thing, you just don’t remember your dreams right now. If you don’t recall anything upon waking, still write, “I don’t remember,” in your journal. Stick with the commitment to write every time you wake up. Recollection will arrive with discipline.

Lastly, before getting on to the ins and outs of how to dream journal, is that this practice is one of the top recommended things to do if you’d like to start lucid dreaming, which is a whole other post I haven’t written yet. Anyhoo, put that one in your back pocket and we’ll move on here.


Basics when you’re learning how to dream journal:

– If you’re into it, before sleep you can ask your guides in prayers or by writing in your journal that you’d like your dreams to be curated for your highest learning / healing / enjoyment and that you’re requesting to recall the dreams upon waking.


– Keep a notebook and pen right next to your bed.


– Dream journal before you look at your phone, talk to your sweetheart (unless it’s about your dreams), or make your morning coffee. First things first.


– Write down everything you remember. No one else is going to read this, it doesn’t need to be coherent.


– If you don’t remember anything just write, “I don’t remember anything.” It’s important to stay consistent with the practice to experience the results of dream journaling, which can include relief, insight, and entertainment.


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Leah Moon

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