Today I’m sharing a short video I made out in the world, with all the things happening in the background including a regatta on the river and music from a friend’s iPhone and my #DaytimePlaytime high vibes buzzing.

Often I hear, “What is practice?” or “How do I find a spiritual practice I like?”

There are a bajillion different ways to pray and meditate and tap into the flow of the cosmos:

Reiki, vipassana, knitting, swimming, walking, gardening, reading, laughing, tantra, coloring, savoring food, lighting candles, burning herbs, journaling, yoga, reciting memorized prayers, eye gazing, taking baths, cleaning, massage, making or listening to music, I could go on, obviously.

One of the best ways to find an entry point that works for YOU, is to make your own spiritual practice.

Here’s a quickie behind the scenes glimpse into one of the ways I like to practice, which is just to play!

This is how I liked to play when I was really little / how I like to play today:

Go outside. Suburbs, country, city. Whatever. Go outside. Check out the sky. Find some greenery. Weeds in a vacant lot are cool. A field of wildflowers works. A trail in the woods. Your front stoop.

Keep good company. It’s fun to play with a friend who I love. And also hanging out by myself works too, because I can be friends with myself.

Round up your toys. I like playing with rocks and sticks and cards, drawing, writing, drinking water. And, because I’m not seven years old anymore, there can be a touch of fire since I’m a grown up with my own built in adult supervision. Play your favorite songs. Sing to yourself. Be silly.

You truly can just return to the sweet things that you know worked for you when you were a little kid and allow those activities to work for you today.

It all can be fun and silly and playful and there’s nothing you have to figure out or “get” or be taught.

You’re the only one who needs to sign off on anything you do in your life, but if you’re looking for some external validation, please take this blog post as your permission slip to make your own spiritual practice.

Anything that brings you into the present, that’s spiritual practice.

When an activity feels good, those feelings are breadcrumbs on the path for us. If it feels good — in your gut, heart, conscience, and soul — then keep going in that direction.

If a practice feels yucky or awkward or difficult then that might not be the avenue to go down.

On that point though, it’s important to make a distinction between an activity genuinely not being right for exploring your own spiritual practice and discomfort on the surface level of “This is weird! What am I doing? What if _____ (fill in the blank) saw me doing this!?” Those are different things. Be mindful.

Now, go play!

And let that be your spiritual practice, cause that’s what it is.


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