First things first, friends. Ya gotta learn how to meditate and get a regular practice going. Meditation is one of the clearest paths for intuitive development. Regularly practicing meditation also gives us the vital speed bumps we need in order to pause before reacting to other people and events throughout our days.

You can do seated meditation, walking meditation, working meditation, and you can learn more abut the practice of mindfulness. I suggest starting small with a two-minute seated meditation practice for a few days. Keep it simple.

You’re not “bad” at meditation. You’re practicing something new! Cut yourself some slack and show up to learning how to do this thing that works.


Here are the basics on how to meditate:

– Set a 2-minute alarm on your phone.


– Sit upright in a chair, feet firmly on the ground with your hands resting on your thighs.


– Close your eyes and breathe.


– When you notice that you’re thinking thoughts, say to yourself in your mind, “Thinking!” and then return your attention to your breath. Repeat. And then repeat again.


Two minutes will go by way faster than you can imagine. Do your meditation around the same time each day, for example, this can become part of your morning routine. Everyone has two minutes. After a few days, up your time to five minutes. A great goal is to move towards ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes twice a day.

When people say they don’t have time to meditate, Gabby Bernstein asks, “Do you have time to feel like shit?” The answer is, no, you don’t. Lovingly knock it off, and start practicing meditation daily.

In addition to daily meditation, you can stop, drop, and meditate if something comes up that really stimulates ya — like a text from an ex, a great date with a crush, difficult news from a doctor, or an invitation to an event that you’re not sure about.

You can also meditate to music or use guided meditations.


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Leah Moon

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