What the heck is my business?

Like, what is my actual job-business and also what’s my “mind your own business” business?

Today I can at least say this:

I’m relieved to be making art.

I’m relieved to accept that I’m an artist.

That’s what I signed up for in this lifetime: Artist, Healer, Lover, Firestarter, Spirit Junkie.

What a relief to not fight with who I am, how I am.

What a relief to remember this truth:

I do not make, share, teach, or express anything to “fix” anyone else.

I don’t edeavor to save the world.

I accept that everything I do is to heal, love, and enjoy myself.

I do this because it feels good.

I practice peace and pleasure and discernment and self care and creativity because that’s what I agreed to do on planet Earth.

I clean up and declutter my own life, layer by layer, box by box.

I act with love.

I act with kindness.

I breathe space into my own channel to God.

I continuously empty my hands so they can be filled with the gifts of the present.

I show up.

Being shitty and greedy and sick and suffering in silence doesn’t benefit me and it doesn’t benefit you.

Being grounded and healthy and self aware and generative and abundant and appreciative benefits me and as a side effect has the potential to benefit you, if you want it, if it lights your way, if it reminds you of your own journey to wake up and love life.

But that’s really none of my business, it turns out.

My business is exploring ritual and ceremony, routines and practice.

My business is allowing myself to receive a ton of support, love, and joy through the sheer terror of sharing art, writing, music, and prayers with a public audience.

My business is to breathe deeply when I realize I’m not breathing at all. Like right now.

My business is to align and realign with what feels good.

My business is saying that I couldn’t hear a word that you just said when you just said something that my soul disasciated from but that I want to hear and could you please repeat it and I’ll make eye contact and send a grounding chord to the center of the earth and place my hands on my heart and hold a stone and repeat to myself:

“I want to stay here and I want to listen and I’m ready to learn more and thank you God for this opportunity to be incarnated. I want to stay awake, show me how to stay awake, show me how to love myself through falling asleep.”

I’m learning how to mind my own business.



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Leah Moon

I am an artist and healer who creates and enjoys life. I'm willing to relax and have fun in order to share my art, happiness, and faith freely with the world. Join my mailing list to get a weekly email for spiritual seekers.