I am willing to change video

This I am willing to change video throws back to a time in my life when I was completely bottoming out.

My romantic partnership had unravelled but I was unwilling to address that. Longterm friendships had fallen apart. I’d been trying to navigate long seasons of undiagnosed depression and anxiety on my own. I was self medicating with drugs and alcohol. I couldn’t sleep through the night and it was difficult to eat more than a rice cake with jam.

One hot summer day, I was having a full on panic attack with snot, tears, and shortness of breath during a wild thunderstorm in a sea of decorative pillows on my cousin Andrea’s bed in Baltimore.

So level and so loving (and a student of A Course In Miracles) she asked me, “Are you willing to change?”

Through sobs, I half responded, “I guess?” Andrea said, “Say it. If you really mean it, say, ‘I’m willing to change.’” And I did. I said: I’m willing to change. That became my first prayer.

“I am willing to change” is what I offer to people who come to me for help.

If you want your life to be different, start working with this affirmation. You don’t have to know what will come for you in that change.

Your path could be very different than what came for me, which was learning reiki self practice, moving out, starting to meditate, getting sober, and then years and years of change and transformation that I couldn’t even imagine on that first I – am – willing – to – change – day.

I am willing to change is a free, easy, and powerful place to begin your journey.

Say it whenever you remember, whenever you’re scared, whenever you need help.

i am willing to change video


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