improved mental health

Yes, I do some nerdy cool stuff for work (graphic design + website development) — but also! I freaking love healing, spirituality, and self care. Improved mental health matters to me. Getting professional help is fantastic, and there are also so many ways we can supplement our care plans.

I’m committed to sharing the simple practices that have transformed my emotional landscape, physical wellbeing, and approachable gateway into spirituality with anyone who is seeking.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 straightforward tools that have improved my life as I’ve become more successful professionally, deepened important relationships, and learned how to love myself for real.

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Giving yourself a Reiki session each day can change your whole game: learn how to hold your own scars, heart, and life.

improved mental health

I’ve given myself a Reiki session every morning and night (first and last thing) since the autumn of 2013. As I learned how to be present with myself through Reiki self practice, I got sober, and then began to find out who I really am, what I actually like, and how I want to live life.

I don’t take chill out drugs (prescribed or otherwise) but I do practice Reiki every day of my life and it significantly impacts my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Want to learn more? This is a good place to start:

What is Reiki?


Using tapping to chill the f out. EFT can help with physical, mental, and emotional problems, and fast.

improved mental health

Tapping has saved my sanity through work crises, romantic disappointments, getting sober, and learning how to tolerate feeling happy. Besides Reiki self practice, EFT is my other go to treatment when I’m having physical or mental hardships, from migraine headaches to breakup angst.

I know people who have successfully used tapping through disordered eating, financial challenges, healing from trauma, infertility, preparing for marriage, getting ready to give keynote speeches, and embarking on new dating opportunities.

Here’s a guided tapping video and EFT book recommendations »


How to take a bath as a grownup who wants to freaking relax.

improved mental health

Taking a bath helps our bodies to calm down. When our bodies calm down, our minds can calm down (our minds are part of our bodies, friendly reminder). Being a together enough grownup to take care our our inner children by drawing a hot bath and taking the time out of our social-media-scrolling lifestyles for 20 minutes can feel incredibly healing, relaxing, and luxurious.

Not all baths are created equal. Through my own trial and error, I can share some super simple things you can do to improve your bathing experience as an adult. If you take a bath, you get a gold star sticker for sure (and maybe a self care trophy, too).

8 basic tips for taking a good bath »


Altar practice for improved mental health, work, healing, romance, money — all the things.

improved mental health

Whatever you want to call them (arrays, altars, dioramas, tableaus) this practice can be so fun and so very helpful. Tending an altar is a cathartic, mystical, easy, and free (!) way for me to get present, which is what all practice is about — relentlessly coming back to now.

When I take the time and attention to arrange objects that have meaning for me, I get to reflect on the experience that comes up in a container of play and safety. This helps me to keep from instantly tuning out, turning off, or running to the next distraction.

Here’s a step by step guide for setting up an altar »


Playing around with rocks & stones / learn about Crystal Resonance Therapy.

improved mental health

I’ve always been drawn to playing with crystals, marbles, jewelry, beads, mementos, and other small found objects. As a kid I’d spend hours by myself organizing my collections by color or size or feeling. Sometimes I’d convince a heartfriend that this was a really fun game and we would sit side by side quietly arranging in tandem.

Carrying this interest into adulthood, I’ve learned that all crystals have mineral profiles. When we work with stones, our bodies resonate with their mineral makeup. For example, tourmaline and lepidolite are high in lithium, and clear quartz is high in silica. A person (like me) can really nerd out in crystal land for improved mental health, general enjoyment, and ability to stay present through life.

Here are 15+ ways to work with crystals and stones to heal your life »

And here’s an answer to the Q, “What if my crystal breaks?”


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improved mental health

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