With it with Leah Moon features healers, entrepreneurs, creative folks, heart centered humans, and magical thinkers — i.e. people who are WITH IT — that I adore, with you, who I also adore! In each interview, we go through the same 8 quick (but big) questions. I am consistently moved and inspired by the answers that are shared.

Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to Lauren Hartman of Trousseau Style.

Working with this personal stylist has helped me heal from the inside out.

Or maybe, more accurately, from the outside in.

Lauren has taught me how to invest in well made clothes that don’t fall apart after 5 turns through the washing machine. She helped me break free of buying cheap or trendy clothes “on sale” for a short lived emotional high.

Building a wardrobe with Lauren has saved me significant time, money, and much mental anguish.

When I get dressed now — for dates, work meetings, travel, family dinners, and other spiritual adventures — I see a significant shift in my self esteem, personal comfort, and in the ways that other people perceive me.

Lauren Hartman, in a nutshell, what are you up to on this earth walk?

Most importantly, I’m learning, loving, and making the most of every day! Professionally, I work as a personal stylist to help women define their personal style and build a wardrobe that prepares them to confidently reach their goals.

Do you have a morning routine you can share?

My ideal morning routine consists of reading, meditation, and coffee. But my more frequent morning routine looks like coffee and scrolling on the couch. Either way, I’m grateful to spend slow and quite mornings with my husband (and coffee!!) even during the week.

What’s your flavor of spirituality or spiritual practice?

I feel most spiritually connected when I spent time outside, exploring nature. So I try to make a point to unplug and go outside once a week.

How do you take care of your body and mind?

Self care is very situational for me. When I recognize I’m feeling overwhelmed with work or my personal life, I stop and ask myself, “What do I need right NOW?” Sometimes, the answer is iced coffee, 90s tunes, and charging through my to-do list. Other times, it’s popcorn, The Office, and a nap. Acknowledging and honoring my needs keeps me healthy in the long run.


What’s the best thing you did for your business last year?

Rebranded! I created a visual brand that represents my spirit, mission, and most importantly, my clients. I now feel that I can rely on my brand and website to speak for me.

What are you most excited to share with the world this year?

I’m so excited to share a new chapter of my business this year! I’ll be hosting PopUp Shops with curated collections of clothing so women can shop all their favorites in one place!

Do you have a current play on repeat song?

“This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

A prayer / mantra / affirmation / saying you’re working with right now?

Do not let past troubles catch your mind,
nor future fears.

Live in the moment, this place,
in pure mind without regret,
and each day will be a good life.

 — Ryochoku Hasunuma

Lauren Hartman is the Owner + Stylist at Trousseau Style
trousseaustyle.com | @trousseaustyle

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