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If you’ve chatted with me recently, I’ve been all about the lavender medicine — lavender wands, lavender oil, lavender tea, a customized lavender pouch — if it’s lavender, I’m first in line right now.

In this episode, I share a (you guessed it) lavender medicine story, as well as details from a personal full moon discernment practice, recent space clearing adventures in NYC, and a whole host of other topics.

FYI, this story mentions sex and fantasy. If you’d prefer not to hear about those topics, please skip this recording. If you’re excited to listen to a tale that includes references to sexuality and desire, this is your lucky day.

This project is vulnerable and valuable. You have to be inside the circle to listen. Sign up, it’s free.

Here are some of the people / places / things mentioned in this medicine story:

What are medicine stories?

Discernment Practice i.e. energetic boundaries for breakups

Susan Hess – master herbalism teacher in New Jersey

Liza Buzytsky – posts on my website tagged Liza B

Third Eye / Sixth Chakra

Moon in Capricorn – this post was about the new moon in Capricorn, but it’s still relevant for the full moon in Capricorn + there is a great dad vibes playlist

Cookie Tongue – Liza’s beautiful band! And their latest album called Orphan Arms! That exclamation point is mine, it’s not part of the album title!

Martin Bisi – host of the full moon event I attended in NYC and producer of the new Cookie Tongue album

Posts tagged meditation


Make Art. Make Art Now.

Solar Plexus / Third Chakra

I am willing to change

Free “I am willing to change” backgrounds for your phone and computer

Denise Linn – “Clutter-clearing is modern-day alchemy.” Amen.

Marie Kondo – posts on my website tagged Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Abraham-Hicks – posts on my website tagged Abraham-Hicks

Shame is the blanket that covers the wound. To heal, we lift the blanket of shame and show what’s underneath to someone else

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