A while back, one of my favorite friends on the spiritual path mentioned Matt Kahn.

She said, “You know, I looked at him and thought, what the heck is this goofy guy with a weird voice going to teach me? But I listened and now everything is different. Everything. My life, my heart, is changed.”

That’s been my experience too.

I feel like Matt Kahn has been rewiring my brain through sound waves on the internet.

All my simple activities get elevated with Matt’s voice bopping along with me in the background — first thing in the morning, getting my 10,000 steps in walking by the river, driving in my car, doing quiet arts and crafts with a friend.

At the beginning of one video I heard Matt say something like, “Don’t worry about retaining all of this information. Just think of this as a bedtime story I’m telling you. It’s getting in, and it’s not a big deal, so just relax and enjoy. The transmission is happening.”

Personally I don’t like actually watching Matt Kahn’s videos but I lovvvvvvvvve listening to them.

I’ve figured out how to get YouTube videos to play even when my lock screen is engaged on my iPhone. I suggest you do the same.

All of the transmissions I’ve experienced from Matt Kahn have entertained and impacted me deeply.

Following are some Matt Kahn teachings that I recommend starting with. Enjoy!


Soul Contracts, Twin Flames & Soul Mates Redefined

After my friend recommended Matt Kahn’s teachings to me during a particular time of accelerated learning this past winter, I moseyed on over to his YouTube channel and this was the first video I saw. Obviously.

Oy vey. Strap yourself in and get ready to get told what’s what in your relationships.

Something I’ll say here is that I’m in deep recovery around the word “relationship.”

When I hear that word I automatically associate it with “romantic relationship.” In my mind, for decades, they’ve been interchangeable.

Realizing that the word “relationship” refers to all relationships, not just the ones where you’re potentially going to get naked, continues to blow my little mind, and is something I was reminded of relentlessly in this Matt Kahn video on soul contracts.

Some of my favorite take-away moments from this video include:

– Do you want to know another description for the phrase “twin flame”? . . . “Your ex.”

– Matt’s truthbomb about experiencing a “twin flame yard sale” has been the source of one of the biggest (and continuous) LOLzzz of the year so far for me.


Honoring Your Divinity

This video is all about what to do a few steps before we actually know how to love our own hearts, which is the path we’re all walking down.

Before I can love my own heart, before I can ask how I can serve you, before I can accept you serving me, before all that, I say thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for the unthankable.

This teaching reminds me of my post called Thanks for all of the gross stuff that smelled bad that led to this charmed life, which I wrote before hearing this teaching from Matt Kahn.

A great reminder that it’s all the same light, and we are each a different lamp.


A Few General Truthbombs I Love From Matt Kahn

I know that if you feel attracted (or extremely repelled) by Matt’s message, there’s something here for you and it will be revealed organically.

The order of your trip down this rabbit hole will be uniquely choreographed.

In the meantime, some of my favorite repeated Matt Kahn take-aways are synthesized as follows:

– I acknowledge your pain. May you be blessed.

– Love your own heart.

– I bless myself. I bless you.

– When anything comes up, you get more love, not less.

– Whatever arises, love that.

– Thank you.



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