In Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach says that, “We teach best what we most need to learn.” A Course In Miracles says that we teach what we believe, learn what we teach, and as such, it’s our call to be believers, students, and teachers of love. 

Maybe you are enrolled in college or a continuing education course right now, or you’re just a human being who has relationships with other human beings. A Course In Miracles teaches that life is our classroom and every relationship is a course we’re enrolled in as we progress on our unique curriculums towards healing, forgiveness, and love.

In small talk, strangers are always asking me if I’m a student. My answer is, “Of course I am, we all are.” I feel like I’m 100% enrolled in life school. I have classmates, teachers, lectures to attend, books to read, and assignments to turn in with deadlines. While I’m not enrolled in mainstream education anymore, I’m totally on that old school rhythm with the seasons and cycles of life lessons right now.

Fall semester in life school this year has not been playing around. I’ve gone on amazing field trips and shown up to class everyday with a full heart and a prayers for my learning to be gentle, easy, and obvious as can be. Now I feel like we’re collectively about to take midterms in life school. Do you feel it too?

What have you learned? How are you being tested? Who are your study buddies? Do you need a minute to collect yourself? It’s ok, fall break is coming soon, I promise.

As I prepare to walk through life school fall midterms this year, I’m drinking lots of tea, attending extra office hours with my trusted advisors, leaning into exercise, and listening to an impeccable soundtrack through all of these activities.

Here’s the music I’m listening to as I do my spiritual practice, play with friends, and walk through midterms in this semester of life school with immense reverence, gratitude, discomfort, and hope. I hope you treat yourself super well during this season of learning and I’ll see you on the other side.



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Leah Moon

I am an artist and healer who creates and enjoys life. I'm willing to relax and have fun in order to share my art, happiness, and faith freely with the world. Join my mailing list to get a weekly email for spiritual seekers.