I’m a super sensitive creature (you too?) and I have a pretty one track mind, so if the music track that’s playing has words, that’s the trip I’m going off on.

That’s great when that’s great, however when there’s writing, talking, listening, creating something inspired by something other than song lyrics — then I need songs without words to make up the backdrop of my experience.

I do the majority of my client and creative work in cafes. Having headphones on with something both good and not distracting is vital to my workflow.

I used to search for “playlists with songs without words” and “no words playlist” on music streaming sites like Spotify, 8tracks, and Pandora with disappointment for years before making my own playlist of music without words.

That story there’s a pretty good illustration for all of the things I’m inspired to create.

We have desire and search and eventually find our ways to what works, whether we’re the ones to make it or not.

I listened to this playlist on my third day of sessions with Sophia in Taos, New Mexico. Intensity, revealing, stillness, witnessing, expansion. Sharing my own tucked away secrets and still being loved. Shamanic journeying. This music supporting it all.

A few months ago I was listening to this playlist while pouring out thanks for all the gross stuff that smelled bad that led to this charmed life while sprawled out on a long cement bench that bordered the public library in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Palm trees waved in the wind above my head. Heat and breeze in the air. Zoned in to the present moment with my perfect playlist of music without words in the background.

music without wordsRight now I’m listening to that same Music Without Words playlist. Iced decaf Americano to my right at my favorite cafe in Philadelphia, a few days back from my trip to Morocco, which was spectacular.

I listened to this music on airplanes, in the car through desert landscapes, driving through an oasis, through the High Atlas Mountains, to the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

This playlist of music without words is for background and frontground, inspiration and support. This music is for meditation, Reiki practice, exercise, art making, hiking, good vibes behind conversation, driving, sleeping, creating, whatever. Listen when you’re working or resting or healing.

No words to distract you, just excellent and eclectic instrumental music to guide you on your own trip.

I’m always adding to this playlist, so if you click “follow” in Spotify you’ll get updated tracks periodically.

Sending love, inspiration, and support your way.




P.S. I touched a lot on my travels in this post. Having a location independent business is a huge part of what makes that part of my lifestyle possible. If you’re interested in learning more about pivoting your own life in that direction, make sure that you’re signed up for my newsletter so I can share more resources with you about building a business that works for your ideal life.


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Leah Moon

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