Friends!!! Neffie and I made a podcast called PB&J Buffet !!! And it exists on iTunes and our new little website!!! Very beautiful and very sweet!!! Many exclamation points!!!

Basically Neffie and I have the best conversations about spirituality, love, and miracles. A year ago she announced to me that we’d be making those conversations available for you to enjoy too. And now it exists for your listening, laughing, crying, dancing, heart filling pleasures.

This podcast is all about practical tools to enjoy life, consciousness, relationships, and our human experiences more deeply each day.

Our conversations are intimate, full of laughter, and hopefully will be helpful to anyone listening who’s walking their own wild spiritual path through life. In each episode, Neffie and I get into a topic that has inspired, informed, nurtured, and entertained us through our dimensional learning while here on planet Earth. We are so happy to share the methods, lessons, and magic we’ve experienced while traveling through different realms.

Reiki, crystals, angels, herbalism, bodywork, meditation, teachers, friends — cups overflowing with love. It’s all happening! Basically, we’re here to learn how to love more and how to receive love more. This is the foundation of many practices and when it’s shared, it spreads JOY.

Please give a listen, subscribe, leave a review on iTunes and let ur friends know that we’re live!

Love love and thanks thanks.

PB&J = Peace, Blessings & Joy, and I’m sending all those your way if you want them.


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Leah Moon

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