Crystals with Nereus

April 2023 – Current

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Project Description

Based on a lifelong fascination with rocks, Nereus Alberts was certified as a Crystal Resonance Therapist in 2010. He co-authored the book and deck Mood Crystals, which can be read in English, French, Italian, and is forthcoming in German, Czech, and Dutch. He coaches jewelry designers about the energetic properties of the materials they use, works with clients in person and online one on one who are seeking transformation in their lives, and shares a free weekly email newsletter about practical ways to work with crystals in our everyday lives.

About The Project

Crystals with Nereus offers online learning and in person healing through Crystal Resonance Therapy, workshops, and free resources.

Client Feature - Crystals with Nereus - With Leah Moon
Client Feature - Projects - Crystals with Nereus - With Leah Moon

Project Feature

We recently designed 2×2″ business cards for Nereus to use at in person events, to leave with clients, and to display in retail stores.

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