OC87 Recovery Diaries

July 2013 – Current

Branding, Website Design, Website Development, Website Management


Project Description

OC87 Recovery Diaries is a website at the intersection of creative story telling and mental health. Through mini documentaries, video diaries, articles and posts, we will tell brave, honest and inspiring stories that embrace the drama of everyday life, and reveal the thoughts and passions of people living with mental health challenges.


  • 10+ years working with this project
  • When needed, the client brought on additional support staff to help execute social media and content administration, leading to a more collaborative work environment
  • The growing website is home to 400+ mental health recovery stories from over 200+ storytellers
  • Brand & website tools have led to partnerships with WHYY, NAMI Bucks County, MCES, DBHIDS, Project HOME, and tax-deductible giving

About The Project

Back in 2013, we were a small 3 person team working out of a Starbucks. Now, OC87 Recovery Diaries has 9 team members who keep the website and mission growing.

In the virtual world, your website is your storefront. You would want a physical, brick-and-mortar shop to be well-constructed, expertly maintained, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, cohesive, and irresistible to foot-traffic. Leah’s artistic mind, back-end skill, and creative energy ensure that all the boxes, and then some, are ticked when it comes to site construction, maintenance, and creative output/deliverables. She knows a lot and what she doesn’t know, she figures out quickly.

She is responsible, responsive, attentive, deliberate, and detail-oriented. Leah is mindful of diverse personalities in the work environment and which she skillfully navigates to be a proactive problem-solver and team-player. She is exactly who you want in your corner.

Gabriel Nathan

Executive Director, OC87 Recovery Diaries | oc87recoverydiaries.org

Project Feature

OC87 Recovery Diaries has hundreds of thousands of views and watch hours on our YouTube channel. Original short documentary films are created by Glenn Holsten and FreshFly. In 2019, Leah Moon invested in extensive YouTube training to successfully grow the channel.

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