Hey did you know I’m queer? I am!

I’ve been getting to actively come out again and again since I was 15 years old, though I knew I was attracted to all different genders and had a non binary sense of my own gender since I was in pre school.

For a period of time I went by another name, dressed differently then I do now, and used they / them pronouns. When I began to present the way I do now — high femme — I realized I’d get to come out over and over again as queer, since femme visibility is a curious adventure.

I live with a lot of privilege.

I’m white, live in a liberal city, I have financial resources, and I can easily pass as straight and cisgender if I need to in order to be safe. Because of that, it’s important to me to keep being open and clear about the queer parts of who I am. Not everyone gets to do that, and I’m happy for that to keep changing.

I’m grateful to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non binary, and queer elders that have lived their lives — sometimes very dangerously — so that I could enjoy my freedom today.

I especially get to step back and listen to the experiences and needs of queer people of color, trans feminine presenting folks, individuals with different class backgrounds, and anyone living with multiple of those identities.

There’s plenty of work to do as this world transforms into a saner reality:

Where people don’t need to come out announcing their gender identity or sexuality, because those things will no longer be compulsory or understood to be binary. Everyone gets to explore who they are. We all get to be safe.

If you don’t understand this stuff and want to, please get in touch and we can chat.

Good allies are lifetime learners.

If you’re questioning your gender identity, gender expression, or sexuality and are feeling lonely in that, please send me a message.

We don’t have to walk through any of this unfolding alone.

Let me know where you’re at. Let’s talk.


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Leah Moon

I am an artist and healer who creates and enjoys life. I'm willing to relax and have fun in order to share my art, happiness, and faith freely with the world. Join my mailing list to get a weekly email for spiritual seekers.