Yes! I’m so happy we get to practice together.

If you have questions, please shoot me an email at or come find me on Instagram @withleahmoon.

1. Watch the first video.

It’s a quick hello from me and an impassioned case for why I’m so into self practice. Since you already have a Reiki or other hands on healing practice, this is meant to be a review and encouragement for you to give yourself (and everyone else!) the gift of your own self practice.  

2. Let’s do a guided self practice together.

The second video is one you can watch again and again.

After a little set up, I guide you through a 10-minute hands on practice.

Jump to 2:50 if you want to re-watch without the intro.

Remember, this is for you!

You can’t get this wrong. The only person who can really give you a gold star for doing your practice is you. (Though I’m sending many virtual gold stars + high fives + hugs your way).

See you soon in email land.

I’ll be in touch over email to see how your self practice is going. I also send an email each Wednesday sharing other tools that help me to be better friends with myself.

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