Repeating numbers. They are everywhere! At least as far as I can tell. 11:11am on the clock. 33,333 on an odometer. 4444 in a phone number. A license plate that includes 555.

The more I notice repeating numbers, the more I notice repeating numbers.

What we focus on grows and I love paying attention to and receiving these little winks from the universe. I have a few friends who love repeating numbers as much as I do so when we’re together and spot some, we’ll interrupt whatever we’re talking about and announce what we see. Inevitably, I see way more sets of repeating numbers when I’m with these folks than with other people.

Attunement is real.

I’ll also “just happen” to check the time on my phone at 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 etc. when I’m really in the flow with creativity, feeling mega in love, or having recently asked my spiritual back up team for some guidance. I like for there to be at least three of any given number to constitute a repeating number sighting.

Of course, if you keep seeing the same combo of numbers over and over again, that might be significant too. For example, I see 18 and 808 all the time too, in addition to regular sets of repeating numbers. 18 is a spiritual number, representing oneness and infinity, spiritual business and wellbeing, and in Hebrew, the number 18 is related to the name for God. 808 is the area code for Hawaii, my heart home, and I see 808 in addresses, clocks, and license plates super often.

Repeating numbers are little messages from our guidance systems as we move through life. Following are my repeating number interpretations, based on commonly accepted knowledge on this topic and my own experiences.

111 — Manifestation. Be conscious about what you are thinking about right now. Thoughts become things.

222 — Partnership. Romance, friendship, business, whatever. When this repeating number comes up, it’s all about relationships.

333 — Ascended Masters. Quan Yin, Buddha, Jesus, Saint Germain, the list goes on. When triple threes appear, the ascended masters are near.

444 — Angels. Repeating fours are all about the angels, including archangels and earth angels. If you see multiple fours, your angelic team is trying to communicate with you.

555 — Big Changes. Yo. I am on the repeating fives cosmic adventure cruise these days, but aren’t we all.

666 — The Material World. Let’s update this repeating number’s reputation. Repeating sixes just mean that you’re involved in a 3D experience right now, engaging with people, places, and things. Basic and benign. Time for acknowledgement and gratitude for what’s here now in the realm of time and space.

777 — Miracles. Have you ever seen a set of repeating sevens in a casino slot machine? Seven is known as the luckiest number and multiple sevens are all about miracles. Friendly reminder: a miracle is just a shift in perception.

888 — Abundance. Favors, sunrise, sunset, vibrating stars, good food to eat, smiles from strangers, looking for ways to shower others with love and focussed energy. Repeating eights represent an appreciation for an abundance of presence and presents.

999 — Completion / Get To Work. As the highest number that can repeat, multiple nines suggest that you’re coming to the end of a cycle of learning or that it’s time to take care of business for real, be that in work, romance, or personal development.

000 — You’re Doing Great! Dan Millman says that zero is an enhancing number, so when I see repeating zeros I tune in to what’s going on right now and notice any elements that want to glow more brightly. Also, in the English alphabet, the letter J is the tenth number, so some people associate the number zero with the presence of the ascended master Jesus, in a non religious context.

If you found this list helpful please feel free to share it with a friend!

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Leah Moon

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