I first heard Dr. Christiane Northrup talk about the 13 Days of Solstice Ritual on her Hay House Radio show and it sparked my interest. I wanted structure around honoring the solar new year and I liked the elements of treasure hunt divination inherent in the practice she offered.

I modified the 13 Days of Solstice Ritual a bit, and on the evening of winter solstice last year, Neffie and I gathered in my back yard, lit a ton of candles, and embarked on night one of this adventure. This year I’ll be spending winter solstice with Liza, and I’m looking forward to revisiting this practice as a guiding light through the year.

I love sharing this 13 Days of Solstice Ritual with a friend. At the start of each month we check in to see how relevant the last month’s information was and to reveal each of our guiding messages for the upcoming month. I’m always looking forward to checking my corresponding notecard and, I’ve got to tell you, that info has been consistently accurate, down to the most uncanny of details.


How to do a 13 Days of Solstice Ritual

• Supplies: Choose a deck of cards that you like to work with. The last few years I’ve used one of Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb decks. Other decks I like include Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards and The Wild Unknown tarot deck from Kim Krans. You’re also going to want a pen and 13 index cards or a journal for note taking.

• Setting the tone: Remember that there’s no “wrong way” or “right way” to engage in spiritual practice. I lean towards playing like I did as a kid. For me this often means arranging crystals and listening to music. I strongly encourage lighting a candle at the beginning of your ritual each night.

• The First Night: Set your intentions to receive some direction from your cosmic guidance system and choose a card from the deck, whichever card is calling to you. This is the overall theme for your year. Record the upcoming year at the top of an index card and write down the message from the card you just pulled from the deck. For the next 24 hours, take notes on this index card about the happenings of your day including people you meet, activities on your schedule, synchronicities, and anything else that captures your attention.

• The Next 12 Nights: On the next evening around the same time, come into a mindful space and pull another card from your deck. Write “January” at the top of a fresh index card and record the message from the new card you pulled from the deck. This is the guiding message for that month. Again, notice the happenings over the next 24 hours and take notes on this index card. Repeat each night until you’ve completed index cards through December.

• Review: At the start of each month in the coming year, revisit your card to see the guiding message for the month in addition to the rest of the information recorded on the card. This information might make more sense at the end of the month.

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