Did ya get a chance to listen to the first episode of this journey, “What are medicine stories?” so we’re on the same page about what’s going on here in this series?

Either way, today we’re going to jump in and talk about a number of my fav topics including meditation, seasonal cycles, practice, sound journeying, shame, the relationship between creativity and sex (hello second chakra), and a whole bunch of other things, including the zillion motorcycles that zoomed by during this outdoor recording sesh.

This project is vulnerable and valuable. You have to be inside the circle to listen. Sign up, it’s free. 


A lot of tabs get opened in this episode, but I do a pretty good job of reeling things in and weaving the threads together in order to tell this medicine story.

This tale was told during sunset by the Schuylkill river in Philadelphia shortly after summer solstice in the year 2017. It will probably be relevant during summer solstices in future years, and heck, it will probably be fun to listen to during any season of the year! Sign up above, press play, and listen.

Here are some of the people / places / things mentioned in this medicine story:

How to meditate in 4 easy steps

Get Right with Power, Sex, Creativity & Money – The Sacral Chakra

What is “practice” ???

Endorphins Make You Happy

Summer Solstice Playlist / Music For Long Days + Up All Night Evenings

Gabby Bernstein // posts tagged Gabrielle Bernstein

Sophia Wise One // posts tagged Sophia Wise One

Kim Fleisher // posts tagged Kim Fleisher

Sera Phi & the sound floor

Liza Buztysky // posts tagged Liza B

The Wonder Woman Movie

Brené Brown’s TED Talk on Vulnerability

Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf – the book I have a sex ed comic published in, under the name “Lex”

Make art. Make it now.

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