Hi, this post is very straightforward and very potentially life changing.

Major appreciation to Roe from @brownkids on Instagram who altered my whole life when she posted about how to fresh produce, especially leafy greens like kale, a’happening over a few weeks left in the fridge.

Turns out it was the same advice I’d found a few years before when I googled “how to keep radishes from going ridiculously flaccid in one day in the fridge” (that’s not verbatim what I googled, full disclosure, it was probably more like “how to keep radishes fresh”).

Look, the answer is so simple!

Put your food in jars. Glass jars. Empty cleaned out jars from pasta sauce. Or splurge (it’s not actually a splurge) on a case of mason or ball jars. There are many jar options for your new jar lifestyle.

The jar method is especially helpful if you’re starting to budget you time more (a la The 4-Hour Work Week) and you’re trying to batch task you life.

Perhaps grocery shopping for fresh produce is not your weekly passion. The jar method allows me to do a big grocery adventure every two weeks and still have happy roots and leaves ready to enjoy down to the last day. According to Roe, she has been going for a once a month grocery trip, and the jar method is working wonders on her timeline, too.


Here’s the plan:

1. Wash your food.

2. Chop your food if desired.

2. Put your food in jars.

3. Place your jars of food in the fridge.

4. Enjoy your well kept food over the next few weeks.

(I said the word food so many times just now.)

Great job!


If you need some kitchen tool recommendations for next steps with your happy greens and roots, I’ve got you covered:

KitchenAid makes a basic blender, which I’ve been using non stop for 4+ years with great satisfaction.

This is the most amazing juicer in the world (which I realize is not an NVC statement). The Hurom Elite Slow Juicer does absolute wonders on soft leafy greens as well as hard root veggies, which, as you may know, are very exciting attributes to enjoy in a juicer, as all juicers are not created equal.

Getting a real knife changed my life. I can’t believe I waited until xmas 2016 to finally take the leap. Do yourself a favor and improve the quality of your kitchen life, now. I’m loyal to Wusthof knives.



And here are my favorite veggie focused cookbooks and juicebooks that will make your well-kept-in-the-fridge roots and leafy greens sing:

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