The third eye chakra is located between your two regular eyes, and includes the area of your temples — those two kind of soft spots on each side of your head. The sixth chakra is all about insight, intuition, and visualization. The color associated with this charka is purple.

When the third eye chakra is not engaged, we rely on other people’s authority and opinions, seeking endless external validation and direction. When the third eye chakra is overactive, we can live too much in fantasy land and feel disconnected from the 3D experience of being a human here on Earth.

A lot of artists, creative people, and folks with addiction issues often feel more developed in the third eye chakra than in the other chakras. This state of mind can be referred to as having your “head in the clouds.” Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how seeking balance in each of the proceeding chakras can benefit the gifts of your third eye chakra.

When this chakra is in balance, your personal life party can really get started. Alignment with this chakra allows you to tune in with your own cosmic guidance system. A small example of this is when you’re thinking about someone and then they call you on the phone.



Here are some ways to work with your third eye chakra for clear insight, guidance, and intuition:


MEDITATION – First things first, friends. Ya gotta get a regular meditation practice going. Meditation is one of the clearest paths for intuitive development. Regularly practicing meditation also gives us the vital speed bumps we need in order to pause before reacting to other people and events throughout our days.

Start here with my quick guide on how to mediate.

You can also meditate to music or use guided meditations.


HANDS ON / THOUGHTS ON – When you’re ready to spend some quality time getting to know your third eye chakra, lay back in your bed or sofa and rest one hand over your forehead. You can also try a hand behind the back of your head. The third spot is a hand over each one of your temples (the soft spot to the side of each of your eyes). Breathe, hang out with yourself, and notice your body. What are you thinking about? Be with the images, insights, and stories that arrise. No need to get hooked, just watch them pass like a projection on a movie screen.


DREAM JOURNAL – Are your dreams wild every night? Start a dream journal. Are you someone who doesn’t dream? Start a dream journal, cause not dreaming is not a thing, you just don’t remember your dreams. The dreams we have during sleep time can be filled with insight, entertainment, healing, and processing of our subconscious desires. Follow this link for my dream journaling tips.


LAVENDER – This magical plant is associated with the third eye chakra and can be used in many forms for relaxation, chilling out your nervous system, and spiritual development. Here are some ideas: drink lavender tea, acquire a lavender wand, use lavender essential oil on your third eye, temples, neck, wrists, and in bathwater. Add lavender oil to water in a spray bottle and spritz the scent around your space. You can also get lavender incense and natural candles to burn.


WORK WITH AMETHYSTS – This purple crystal is used for spiritual development, encourages sobriety, and is associated with third eye chakra work. Here’s my basic guide on how to work with crystals, rocks, and healing stones.


VISUALIZE YOUR THIRD EYE VIBES ON A VISION BOARD – Collect images that represent higher knowing, intuitive development, and reliance on an inner guidance system. My third eye chakra vision board includes tons of images of eyeballs, triangles, amethysts, people meditating, and purple doors, foods, and outfits.


AUTOMATIC WRITING / JOURNALING FOR GUIDANCE – As mentioned above, when the third eye chakra is out of whack, we often want validation and advice from outside sources at an unreasonable level. When I need feedback about a relationship, work decision, or another fork in the road, I turn to this journaling exercise, often called automatic writing. I start this practice by writing something similar to the following invocation at the top of a blank page:

I welcome my guides and angels to write through me now on the topic of _________ for my highest benefit, understanding, and relief. Thank you.

Then I just write. And write and write. When my guidance is complete they usually sign off with something like, “We love you so much! Thank you for inviting us to communicate with you. Please come back soon for more. You’re doing great.”


THIRD EYE MUSIC – Spin some songs that tune you in with your own psychic abilities. I have a third eye playlist on Spotify for such purposes. I’ll also often pop my music with no words playlist on during meditation, intuitive art making times, and during moments when I’d like a neutral soundscape for my thoughts to arrive.



Having balance in the chakras that proceed the sixth chakra allows you to work with the intuitive, psychic, and magical gifts of your third eye chakra with better results.


Root Chakra + Third Eye Chakra – With meditation, shamanic practices, and tantric breathing exercises, we can travel through time and space on third eye trips without disassociating from our bodies. When the root chakra is engaged, we feel grounded and integrated in our decisions to be incarnated as human beings on planet Earth right now. Strong healthy roots allow us to fly, travel, and trip higher, more safely, and happier than we ever thought possible.


Sacral Chakra + Third Eye Chakra – Want insight on sex and pleasure? Want to know how to touch yourself and touch your paramour? Wanna paint a masterpiece that has flowed through you directly from the universe? Desiring intuitive clarity about saving, earning, spending, and sharing your financial resources? A yes answer to any of these questions asks for partnership between the second and sixth chakra.


Solar Plexus + Third Eye Chakra – The third chakra is located in your gut and that’s where we feel our intuition in the lower chakras. For example, when you literally get a gut feeling about something like not sending an email or walking down a particular street one day, that’s your solar plexus chakra talking to ya. The solar plexus chakra is also all about self-confidence, which is so so so vital for trusting the intuition that is available to you through your third eye chakra. If you’re second guessing your guidance, revisit alignment with your solar plexus chakra.


Heart Chakra + Third Eye Chakra – If you’re practicing magic, visualization, or hoping to receive clear insights on any of the following topics, checking in with the heart chakra will be useful: love, romance, partnership, friendship, compassion, forgiveness, boundaries, happiness, service, communion, connection.


Throat Chakra + Third Eye Chakra – When clear messages come through, share these gifts as you’re intuitively guided through direct conversation, artwork, social media, and other communication avenues. That said, however — discernment friends, discernment. Yeah, your third eye chakra may be clear as can be. You could be getting insight on everyone and their mom. Your dreams might be featuring all of your exes, crushes, and neighbors. This does not mean that you need to take out a press release on any of this information. In the words of the infamous Ice Cube, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”


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