I learned The Three Questions Game from Tara Rubinstein a number of years ago. The game first came into my life on a friend’s birthday, but it can be played on any day of the year. I find it especially pleasant to play The Three Questions Game with the same people year after year on auspicious days, like with my mom on Mother’s Day each May.

I often bring The Three Questions game up on anniversaries, birthdays, and at new years celebrations. I’ve also played The Three Questions game on the Fourth of July, at the Pride parade each year, and on the last nights of magical adventures with close new friends, like that trippy final evening on Rainbow Birthright many years ago. The Three Questions Game could be great on a getting to know you date or if you’re feeling particularly friendly with a driver in an Uber ride.

I love when people answer these questions with vulnerability. It’s such a gift to witness someone else’s dreams for the future and it feels so precious to have my accomplishments and prayers witnessed by people I trust. Sometimes folks have a tough time coming up with their own answers and other people want to jump in with suggestions. I refrain from that practice, but if that feels good for you, go for it! I feel that it’s a precious experience to come up with these answers for ourselves and that encouragement to take one’s time and to not worry so much about what’s said is usually helpful.

Here’s how The Three Questions Game goes. Each person takes a turn answering the questions. You can do one question at a time and everyone can answer, or the person celebrating can be the sole person to respond to the three questions. For all questions, consider the last or coming 365 days from the date you’re playing the game for the “year” time period.

These are the guiding Qs of The Three Questions Game:

  1. What are three things you did for the first time this past year?
  2. Name three things you did last year that you never want to do again?
  3. What are three things you’d like to do or intentions you have for the coming year?
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Leah Moon

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