A story. I’ve been doing major inventorying and releasing of my belongings over these last 5 years. Clutter clearing is modern day alchemy.

About 3+ years ago, I was doing some money healing work, and was guided to find all unspent gift cards and use them. I did round them up, and I still have not used most of them. I had some “Geoffrey’s Dollars” from 1996 and 1997 from Toys R Us.

Last month, I saw they’re going out of business and was strongly guided to go to a store while on a visit to Baltimore, but that didn’t work out. This past weekend, I was on an adventure day with Sophia Wise One and we ended up at a location in New Jersey.

My inner child honest to god burst into tears when we walked into the store, so excited to spend the $15 she was given 20+ years ago that I’ve been holding on to “for the right time” to use.

Grown up me went to customer service to make sure they’d honor my old gift certificates. The woman working said, “No, we stopped accepting alternative forms of payment 8 days ago.”

Wow. Just wow. It’s not a big deal and also the experience really impacted me. Today’s the day. Spend your gift cards now. Put on your favorite outfit. Say I love you when you mean it. Live while it’s time to live.

One way I’ve been learning how to live life on purpose has been through cultivating a morning routine practice. When I started saying “I’m Willing To Change” in my dark night of the soul, learning the what, why, and how of morning routines was one of the first (extremely useful) disciplines that showed up in my life.

If you’re ready to live differently, I’d love to walk with you. I’ve created this free morning routines resource to help you set yourself up right for the day ahead, one day at a time, which is how a life you actually want to live gets built.



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Leah Moon

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