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I’m sharing a new thing, and that new thing is a series of recorded medicine stories about my trips, travels, endless synchronicities, and magickal lessons along the way.

This project is vulnerable and valuable. You have to be inside the circle to listen. Sign up, it’s free. 

This first episode — number 000, cuz we are starting at the real deal beginning beginning — answers the pertinent question, “What are medicine stories?” so we can get going on the same page of this intimate sharing journey.

In this episode I talk about answers to the question, “What are medicine stories?” and I also tell ya all about the many sounds happening around me (because I can’t help myself) as I recored this medicine story down by the river / train tracks / two major roads / around many people. Future episodes will definitely be recorded in more recording friendly spaces! Definitely maybe!

The topic of shame really comes up through this episode as well. Sophia taught me that shame is the blanket that covers the wound. To heal, we must lift the blanket of shame and show what’s underneath to someone else. In this way, healing happens in community.

Here are some of the people / places / things mentioned in this medicine story:

Sophia Wise One // posts tagged Sophia Wise One

Kim Fleisher // posts tagged Kim Fleisher

Blue Cliff Monastery // posts tagged Blue Cliff Monastery

Acronyms for the word “God”

Louise Hay, “I love life, and life loves me.” // posts tagged Louise Hay

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