When I give crystals to new friends, a lot of times they fret a bit, saying, “What if I lose it?” Or, “What if my crystal breaks when I drop it on the ground!? What if this / What if that?”

I always like to remind us that these stones were grown by the earth ages before we arrived and they will be here long after we leave. We can hang with them and heal with them and then when they are ready to move on it will be clear — they will vanish or be gifted to a friend or make their way back to the earth. Easy peezy lemon sqeazy.

Crystals hold onto energy both as they casually pass through life and as we actively work with them on our healing journeys. We can clear crystals in many ways including sun or moon baths, salt water soaks (some stones aren’t into this, plz do further research), smudging, and sound clearings. Check out this resource guide for more detailed suggestions on how to cleanse your stones.

Sometimes a crystal will drop to the ground with a bang and that will clear it’s energy field and that’s good enough. Occasionally, a rock will break apart on impact, which is exciting, whether you feel that way when it happens, or not. Broken crystals call for big releases, big clearings, big changes.

So! Medicine story time.

A darling crystal collector from a connection on a Facebook group called Internet Yardsale last year arrived on my doorstep and announced that we were meant to be friends. She then acquired a haul of selenite wands and gifted one to me, which nearly immediately jumped to Neffie on the weekend we journeyed to Marianne Williamson / Gabby Bernstein / John of God / Blue Cliff Monastery and stayed with her for the following 40 day initiation period. The crystal came back to my alter briefly, then spent a month or two with another friend, circled back to me, found its way over to Neff again to do major clearing for our community, and then on July 1st it shattered into 3 big pieces after hurling itself onto the floor and now Neffie, an additional friend, and I each have a piece (peace) of the wand. We’re all tripping, traveling, healing, sharing, breaking, multiplying, and amplifying this love. 

Soooooo that’s a medicine story about this crystal’s journey and all of our lil journeys and this big transition invitation in all our lives, all the time.

Here are my prayers for us in this moment:

May our new boundaries be easy to set, may our commitments to practice be heartfelt, and may our love of life expand to include our supposed opponents, lost comrades, and our many not yet met friends.

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Leah Moon

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