Last month I tripped my face off on a quest that took me more deeply into my own heart and into communion with my own soul.

Side note, I flew for free the whole time, which I break down in this post on how to use travel reward credit cards efficiently so that you can go on your own souljourn adventure without paying for airplane rides.


My trip went like this: first I drove from Philadelphia to Baltimore to see my family and then I hopped on a plane to New Mexico. After I landed in Albuquerque, I drove to Jemez Springs to spend two days with Harley the dog, Peter, and Susan, my Fairy Godmother who held my mom’s hand through my birth onto planet earth. We soaked in hot springs at night with a sky filled with stars, watched UFO movies, and got to know each other, as we haven’t spent any time together since I was a toddler. I LOVE these beings.

Then I drove to the hot springs resort at Ojo Caliente, which were recommended to me by everyone I mentioned New Mexico to. You know when you hear about an experience or person and it just feels correct in your body? That’s how I felt about Ojo Caliente, and the lived experience of it was truly magical for me. More on that particular adventure another time.

Next on my trip was a three day intensive with my teacher Sophia Wise One in Taos, New Mexico. I’ve been learning and healing with Sophia for over two years now and I felt crazy honored, nervous, and elated to be invited to her new ted tent temple for this next initiation into releasing, stepping into my life, body, power, presence, practice, pleasure, and joy. Also in Taos is Sophia’s wife, Kim Fliesher, master teacher and co-founder of the place that helped me save my own life, The Reiki School + Clinic in Philadelphia, PA.

Following that magical time, which I will be writing a lot more about in The future, I flew to visit my Florida Family in North Palm Beach. Time and time again, Alice, Craig, and their jungle in the suburbs, know how to hold me when I’m healing.


After that respite I found my way to NYC for a weekend of feelings. I thought I was going for one reason — a workshop that got cancelled — but it turned out that in truth I was led to the city to grieve, to connect, to support, to rest, and to create. More to share about that adventure in the future for sure too.

Then my dad drove me down to Baltimore where my mom took care of me for a week while I had the flu. Fever as a teacher is not joking around.

For four weeks I just got slammed with invitations to practice presence, accept that the universe is always trying to shower me with blessings, and I got to reflect on how much work I’ve been catapulted into doing over the past few years.

In my professional life, relationships, and self-care, I’ve been on a massive course-corrective journey and I could not be more grateful for the state of my life today.

Before this period of accelerated growth I used to travel constantly.

Part of that journey felt great — seeing new places, enjoying the freedom of my non-traditional work schedule, visiting and meeting heartfriends around the world.

Another part of that experience felt sad — I was always hoping that the next trip would somehow fix the hole in my soul. I was searching for communion, belonging, an elusive high, and an escape from myself.

But wherever I went, there I was.

Over the past two years I’ve taken a break from big trips outside of visits between DC, Baltimore, New York, Connecticuit, and back to my home base in Philadelphia. During that time I’ve been learning how to love myself, how to become my own best friend, and how to survive incarnation for the duration of time I’m meant to be alive this time around.

I’ve been cultivating the desire to stay here, present in my body on planet earth. I’ve been learning how to stand the experience of staying conscious, first through excruciating heartbreak, disappointment, and pain, and now through burgeoning pleasure, joy, and ease.

I’m learning that living life on purpose takes practice. Relentlessly. 


With these life skills — Reiki, morning and evening routines, accountability in healing communities, my daily workbook lessons from A Course In Miracles, nutrition explosion with green drinks, everything I learned and keep learning in Marie Forleo’s Bschool, and the list goes on — I felt super confident that the external trip I just embarked on was about going deeper within myself instead of trying to run away from myself.

Before leaving Philly for the month, one of my sweet friends put it like this, “You’re just going to keep doing what you do everyday, but somewhere else.” That really stuck with me.

What a relief to know that I can stay safe and healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually wherever I go.

Even through getting the flu, I felt confident in my body’s ability to heal from the bug, I practiced allowing other people to help me get well, and I was able to turn to spiritual practice throughout that difficult week in order to not wish my days away.

Life has shifted. It’s true that wherever you go, there you are. I’m good with that spiritual law today. 

I’m feeling bananas grateful for my freelance and entrepreneurial lifestyle, which grants me the time freedom to travel and enjoy my life like this. Over this next year I’m going to be focusing on building my business and increasing my financial literacy so that I can continue in this direction of freedom in health, wealth, creativity, and time.

Something I’m feeling super jazzed about on that note is that I didn’t pay a penny for any of the flights on the month-long adventure I just took. I booked all of my flights using points I earned using a travel reward credit card, which is something I’ve been practicing with now for a few years.

I wrote a post that outlines the exact steps I took to fly for free on my most recent spiritual quest across the country. For me, collecting credit card bonus points that I can use for free travel makes me feel fabulously free, creative, and wealthy.

I’m looking forward to telling you more about the details of this most recent trip, cause there’s just so much good medicine that’s been made.

Big love and more soon,




travel-reward-credit-card-fly-for-free WANT TO FLY FOR FREE?

I’ve compiled my step by step suggestions for planning a trip with credit card bonus points so that you can travel for free too. Check out the post →

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