In the middle of a panic attack, my cousin asked me, “Are you willing to change?” Crying, I said, “I guess?” She told me to say it myself. “Ok, I’m willing to change.”

I felt a chill through my body and a little bit of relief. I kept saying, “I’m willing to change,” each time I had a hard moment (which was quite frequent during that time).

Little by little, I did start to change. New teachers, books, friends, opportunities, practices, and tools began to appear in my life. From what felt like a very dark place, one small step at a time, a beautiful bright dream world began to take form around me.

If any part of that story resonates with you — the panic attack, the willingness to change, or the acceptance of a happy life now — please download and use this free digital wallpaper for a daily reminder that you get to participate in your own transformation.


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