I’d love to support your work in the world.

Whether we’re working on brand and website development, or business coaching, sharing the tools you need to in order to succeed in life and business is my passion.

I create custom solutions for entrepreneurs and people outside of the mainstream. I meet you where you’re at, discover where you want to go, and walk with you through the unfolding.

Application to Collaborate

What stage of business are you in?

We customize agreements to meet the needs of each collaborator. Here are some containers we can hold for your work:

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Business Development

I want your work to have a big impact. All change happens one person at a time. What you do matters. My job is to offer the tools you need to bring your gifts into their next manifestation.

While everything I do for clients is custom, these are a few starting points:

– Branding & Graphic Design

– Website Design & Development

– Online Business Support

– Coaching, for when you need help navigating next steps

Healing Support

Through the modalities of mindful conversation, bodywork, and a development of personal practices, I help you locate the tools you need in order to navigate success and wellbeing. I meet you where you are, discover where you want to go, and walk with you through your unique healing journey.

Together we can:

– Learn Reiki for Self Care

– Receive Personalized Healing Sessions

– Create Routines, Rituals, and Connections to Your Own Sense of Spirituality

Both / And

Business development can be sacred, surprisingly emotional, a lot of fun, and will also change your life.

I love supporting entrepreneurs by making sure a solid self care foundation is in place to anchor success.

Let’s connect you with the the tools you need in order to navigate success, successfully.

In the virtual world, your website is your storefront. You would want a physical, brick-and-mortar shop to be well-constructed, expertly maintained, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, cohesive, and irresistible to foot-traffic.

Leah’s artistic mind, back-end skill, and creative energy ensure that all the boxes, and then some, are ticked when it comes to site construction, maintenance, and creative output/deliverables. She knows a lot and what she doesn’t know, she figures out quickly.

She is responsible, responsive, attentive, deliberate, and detail-oriented. Leah is mindful of diverse personalities in the work environment and which she skillfully navigates to be a proactive problem-solver and team-player. She is exactly who you want in your corner.

Gabriel Nathan

Editor In Chief, OC87 Recovery Diaries | oc87recoverydiaries.org

Leah is so compassionate, and takes an individualized approach to help! She is so loving and accepting and in for the ride of your journey!

Emily Goodman

I was so happy with the professionalism and design of the website, I immediately felt an unleveling in how my business was presented to the world and how my professional needs were met by Leah at every step of the way. 

I would 100% recommend this experience for somebody who is serious about the aesthetic of their website and the direction of their business. 

Liza Buzytsky

Co-Founder, The Holy Wow | theholywow.com