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Hey! I don’t totally know about the nuts and bolts of a Saturn Return, but my darling dear astrologer friend Sandy Sitron sure does. Here’s what she’s taught me about the often mentioned and rarely fully explained facts of life in regard to our Saturn Returns.

If you’re currently between the ages of 27 – 30 or 57 – 60, life might be feeling particularly wild for you at the moment. Yeah?

These funny feelings / extra challenges / life rollercoasters have to do with the tough-love planetary teacher, Saturn.

This time is called your Saturn Return and it’s a non-negotiable energetic rite of passage.

In a nutshell, Saturn is orbiting back to the same place in the sky as the moment you were born. This Saturn cycle reveals / upends / challenges the very structure of our lives. It’s a stretchy and often difficult time for most people.

FYI, the shadow of your Saturn Return can last into your early 30s and 60s. To keep things fun, every 7 years you reach a mini-checkpoint in this cycle — around the ages of 8, 15, 22, 29, 36, 43, 50 etc. At these sensitive times, Saturn, the authoritarian planet, calls on you to steady your foundation.

My first Saturn Return has been so ugly beautiful.

I’ll be turning 30 this coming November, so the last four years of absolute spiritual awakening and dedication of my life to healing and love has taken place under the jurisdiction of Saturn’s bossy (and effective) reorganization curriculum.

Leading up to my Saturn Return, everything in my life got turned the eff upside down — finances, romances, friendships, health, and an absolute all around shakedown in my values, motives, and most basic daily practices.

Since then, over the years of my Saturn Return, a life more beautiful than I could have imagined has been slowly building up around me, little step by little step, on a rich new foundation. And yeah, some of it has felt freakin EXCRUCIATING, embarrassing, and just plain gross. But overall, when I look back over the past few years, my appreciation for where I am now runs so deep and I feel genuinely safe within myself about moving forward from this present place. 

Having allies while navigating the changing tides of my own Saturn Return has been non-negotiable.

On that note, I’m delighted to let you know that my dear darling friend Sandy Sitron and her bff (and brilliant colleague) Dana Balicki have a free webinar up about how to navigate your own Saturn Return, no matter where you are in the cycle of life — cuz that planet’s always gonna come back round again, that’s its job.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What the heck this whole Saturn Return and the Saturn cycle is all about;
  • How to understand and navigate your own personal astrology (aka how to work with the planets in a practical magic way);
  • A simple multi-step process to bring awareness to, and clear, your deepest blocks;
  • How to manifest real, long-lasting change in your life (hint: it’s about changing your mind, not your behaviors);
  • Simple tools to keep your change alive, conscious, and thriving no matter what.

Sandy and Dana are sharing this training totally FREE, so go check it out here!

Love & Good Luck To Everyone (my fav new thing to say at all times),
Leah Moon

P.S. If you want to go deeper, there’s also a legit digital course on how to work with our great (and sometimes bossy) teacher, Saturn, which includes 7 weeks of live group coaching with Dana and Sandy.

If you find yourself totally jazzed on these topics and sign up for the course through my link, I have two bonuses for you:

– Two one-hour personal coaching phone calls with me about self care, spiritual practice, entrepreneurial topics, and your life purpose. You know, just some super casual topics, as we do. Coaching calls are each $100, so this bonus is a $200 value. And I always follow up coaching calls with a personalized action plan for your path.

For your heart and bookshelf: A copy of my limited edition gorgeous softcover full color book Wherever You Go, There You Are

Feel free to email at with any questions! xo

I’m a proud affiliate partner of Sandy and Dana’s Saturn Return Workshop because I believe in the work they’re doing — and I know they do it well! I earn a commission by linking to their program.

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